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Learn about eSchoolPlus Security

About Security for Users, Staff, Guardians, and Students

eSchoolPlus Security Overview

Define the resources for district-defined pages and programs

The district can restrict access to district-defined pages and their fields and to programs and their fields by assigning security resources. New security resources can be created so you can control the access to this information separately from other pages.

For more information, refer to:

District Defined Page

Program Setup Page

Add District-Defined Security Resources

Determine the resources users need

For most menu options, you can use the Check Security page to determine what security is required to access the page and use additional features. Refer to Check Security Procedures.

Some pages have more complex security because you have the ability to control which fields users can access or to grant users security to override system validation rules. Refer to the following topics for information on granting access to these pages:

Managing Home Page Widgets for Your Users

Security Access for the Addresses and Contact Pages

Security Access for Entry/Withdrawal

Security Access for the Master Schedule page

Security Access for the Personal Page

Security Access for Search Features

Assign Security Access

Copy Security Profile Procedures

Grant Impersonation Access

User Security Profiles for procedures on granting and changing access for users

Role Security Profiles for procedures related to managing Roles that grant access to users 

Troubleshoot security issues

Users sometimes need help to troubleshoot issues related to security. To recreate issues, impersonate the user on the Set Environment page.

When troubleshooting security, take note of the page the user is trying to access and the building, if the page displays student or building information. You'll need this information when reviewing the user's security resources.

Refer to Troubleshoot Security Issues (in the online help) for answers to some common questions and/or issues.

Manage security access as software changes

When a new software version is released, you may need to update user security to add access to new pages. Review the list of security changes for a release to determine how security should be updated. The release notes include a list of the security changes.

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