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Security Access for Entry/Withdrawal Information

Users who maintain entry/withdrawal information need security to the Entry/Withdrawal page and may need security to delete records and override validation rules that can be enabled for entry/withdrawal. Additionally, if your district uses GeoCode to assign the building of residence, users may need security to enter an override reason for students who are enrolled in a building other than their building of residence.

Entry/Withdrawal Validation Rules

Your district can choose to use the following rules to preserve the integrity of your enrollment information:

  • Limit changes to entry/withdrawal information prior to a specific date.
    This feature is in use if a date is entered in the Entry/Withdrawal Cutoff field on the District Definition page. When a date is entered, users will not be allowed to :
    • Enroll or withdraw a student on or before the cutoff date.
    • Update existing entry or withdrawal information before the cutoff date.
    • Delete entry/withdrawal records that begin on or before the cutoff date.
  • Limit the number of days that withdrawal dates can be backdated.
    The backdate feature is in use if a number is entered in the Maximum Withdrawal Backdate field on the Registration Building Configuration page. This number indicates the maximum number of membership days prior to the current date that can be used as a student's withdrawal date.

Security Resources



Page Access

REG MAINT ENTRY (Maintain Entry/Withdrawal Information)

Additional Features

  • Delete Entry/Withdrawal records - REG MAINT DELEW
  • Change Entry/Withdrawal records that are before Cutoff Date - REG MAINT ENTRYSUP
  • Enter a withdrawal date that is earlier than the maximum withdrawal backdate - REG MAINT FLDWITH
  • Lock a GeoCode override and enter the override reason - REG MAINT LOCKBLDOVR

If you do not use a rule for entry/withdrawal, then the associated resource does not need to be granted to users. If you do use these rules, grant the resources to users who should be able to make changes that could violate the rules.

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