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eSchoolPlus Impersonation Access Procedures

The eSchoolPlus system provides the ability for a user to access eSchoolPlus as another user or Teacher Access Center as a staff member. When a user impersonates another user or staff member, the user has the same access to student data and eSchoolPlus options. This functionality is helpful when troubleshooting issues for a user or when an administrator needs to view a teacher's data.

Any changes the user makes in eSchoolPlus or Teacher Access Center will be saved with the User ID of the user, not the user or staff member that is being impersonated.

These tasks are completed on the following pages:

Security Profile Page
Teacher Impersonations Page

The ability to impersonate students and guardians for HAC does not require users to have the May Impersonate checkbox selected. To allow a user to impersonate contacts for HAC, the user needs access for the REG PRIVATE HACIMPERS (May impersonate for Home Access Center) resource.

Grant a user access to impersonate all eSchoolPlus users or teachers

  1. Select the Administration > Security > Users > Security Profile option and display the user's profile.
  2. In the Profile panel, select the May Impersonate checkbox.
  3. Click Save.

Grant a user access to impersonate all teachers in a building

Use the Administration > Security > Users > Security Profile option to grant the user the SYSTEM MAINT IMPTEACHER resource for the applicable buildings. To allow the user to impersonate all teachers in the buildings, do not use the Teacher Impersonations option to assign teachers to the user.

Grant a user access to impersonate specific teachers

  1. If the user currently does not have access to impersonate teachers, use the Administration > Security > Users > Security Profile option to grant the user the SYSTEM MAINT IMPTEACHER resource for the applicable buildings.
  2. Select Administration > Security > Users > Teacher Impersonations.
  3. In the User panel, select the user ID.
  4. In the Filter panel, define the criteria to find teachers.
  5. Click Load.
  6. In the Teachers Affected panel, review the teachers in the search results. If the user should not be able to impersonate a teacher, select the
    (Delete) checkbox.
  7. Click Save.

Remove access to impersonate a teacher

If you remove all teachers selected for a user who has SYSTEM MAINT IMPTEACHER access, then the user can impersonate any teacher in the buildings the user can access. If a user should not be allowed to impersonate any teachers, you must remove the SYSTEM MAINT IMPTEACHER resource from the user's security profile.

  1. Select Administration > Security > Users > Teacher Impersonations.
  2. Select the user ID.
  3. In the Current Teacher Impersonations panel, select the
    (Delete) checkbox.
  4. Click Save.
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