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Prepare Student Data for Rollover

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Complete Processing for Pre-registered Students

  1. If your district uses Enrollment Online for new student enrollment, registrars must complete processing of any forms for students who are pre-registered for the next school year.
  2. Verify that pre-registered students have been entered consistently. If you have rules for pre-registering kindergarten students that differ from the rules you use when pre-registering students in other grades, you must have multiple criteria to update pre-registered students.
  3. If your district has program tracked fields that require an open record for all students, make sure pre-registered students have records for the current year. The Programs Rollover Page does not create program records; it only processes students who have an open record. For more information on how program vectors for pre-registered students are processed, refer to Programs Rollover Processing.

Verify Student Data for Rollover

  1. If you will be making changes to current year homerooms and counselors as part of this process, you should disable the Registration notifications for these changes on the Building Notifications Page.
  2. Update the Academic Page Promotion field to be unchecked for students who should be retained.
  3. Verify and maintain Registration data for next year, especially those fields you will use in your year-end criteria. These fields may include:
    Registration Page, Building panel – House/Team, Counselor
    Registration Page, Next Year panel – Building, Grade, Counselor, Primary Homeroom, House/Team
    Academic Page, Graduation panel – Graduation Year
    There are several ways to update the fields on the Registration Page, Next Year panel.
    Note that if the criteria that will process a student is defined to move values from the next year record to the current year record, then the student must have values entered on the Registration page's Next Year panel. Otherwise, an error will be logged, and the student's records will not be updated.
  4. Verify that the source field and regular school year program have corresponding values for any program that meets the following conditions:
    • Set up to be opened and closed by the Programs Rollover Page,
    • Defined to update a source field,
    • Tracked for students for the regular school year and summer school.
      The source field may not match if the student's summer program was updated more recently than the regular school year program.

Make Sure Grades, Configurations, and Calendars Are Set Up Correctly for Rollover

  1. Verify that the Next Grade field on the Grades Page is populated for each valid grade.
  2. Verify that the proper Rollover Withdrawal Code and Rollover Entry Code have been designated on the Registration Building Configuration Page for all buildings.
  3. Verify that the proper Rollover Entry Date Rule and Rollover Withdrawal Date Rule values have been designated on the District Definition Page.
  4. Verify that the current year calendars are correct. The Registration rollover will close a student's current entry/withdrawal record based on the student's calendar for the current year.
    If you normally withdraw students on the last day that they attend your school district, verify that the last membership day in your calendars is accurate.
    If you normally withdraw students on the day after they last attend your school district, verify that your calendars have the appropriate non-membership day at the end of the calendar.
  5. For program tracked fields, check the Program Setup Page to verify that year-end processing is defined correctly for each program. For more information on how program vectors can be updated on the Programs Rollover Page, refer to Programs Rollover Processing.
    Note that depending on how your district wants to open and close program records, you may want to use other eSchoolPlus utilities to manage program tracking changes for students. 


For districts that use both IEPPLUS and eSchoolPlus, make sure that any program fields that are updated by IEPPLUS are defined to have no processing for inactive, active, and pre-registered students in the year end rollover values. The data defined for special education programs is controlled by IEPPLUS and the integration with eSchoolPlus.

Define and Verify Registration Criteria

  1. On the Registration Rollover Criteria Page, define the rollover criteria that will be used to roll students to the next year.
  2. Confirm that the correct number of students are selected by your criteria by using an advanced search on any student page. You can enter the same search criteria you defined in your Registration Rollover Criteria and verify that the results return the correct set of students.
  3. You may also submit your criteria for review to the Student Help Desk via email or fax. You must submit your criteria at least two weeks prior to the date on which you plan to complete your rollover to allow sufficient time for the Help Desk to fully review your criteria.
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