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Registration Assignment Page

Use this page to mass update a specific field for multiple students; for example, to assign homerooms. You can update house/team, counselor, advisor, disciplinarian, primary and second homeroom for the current year, summer school, or the next school year. You can also update the building for summer school or next year. Unlike a mass update, it allows you to update multiple values and balance or fill them across the students selected.


Once you complete a mass update, there is no way to undo your changes unless you back up database tables.

Back up your database tables before running a mass update. You can restore data from the backup if you are not satisfied with the mass update results.

Assign information

  1. Back up your database.
  2. Select Registration > Utilities > Tools > Registration Assignment.
  3. Complete the fields on the Prompts panel. To fill or balance values, you must specify the Fill Method and Maximum Students Per Value before clicking Load.
  4. On the Filter panel, enter the desired search criteria to select the students for the update.
  5. If desired, enter sort criteria in the Sort panel to sort the selected students.
  6. Click Load to display students and model values on the Selected Students panel.
  7. If you selected to update a next year field, a prompt displays asking you select to use current or next year values to select students. Click the appropriate button.
  8. To remove students from the Selected Students panel, select their checkboxes in the
     (Delete) column.
  9. To add a student to the Selected Students panel, click Search in the top row, and add a student from the Student Search window.
    To update the selected field for added students, you must make a selection in the rightmost column.
  10. To change the assignment for individual students, click Edit in the header of the rightmost column to enable editing for each student.
  11. Click Run at the top right of the page.
  12. After the process runs, review the Registration Assignment file to view the update's results.
    To locate the report, click Tasks/Reports on the Navigation bar. The log will be listed on the Tasks and Reports page's Reports panel.


Prompts Panel




The building of the students who will be assigned new data.


The name of the field you want to update.

If you select a Next Year field, after you click Load, you get a message:

"You have selected to update a Next Year field. Should the Building prompt be used to display students in the building for the current year or for next year?"

Select either Current Year or Next year.

Create a New Program Record

For program-tracked fields only.

If you check this box, a new program record is added. You must enter the appropriate dates in the Program End Date and Program Start Date.

If you do not check this box, the existing record is updated.

Program End Date

For program tracked fields only. The withdrawal date to be used to close any open vectors for this field. Only applies if the Create a New Program Record field is checked.

Program Start Date

For program tracked fields only. The entry date to be used to open the new program record for this field. Only applies if the Create a New Program Record field is checked.

Fill Method

Select one of the following to determine the method the system uses when assigning more than one value:

Balance - Cycles through the values, so each student receives a different value, until the maximum number of students is reached for all values. For example, If you are assigning 3 counselors, the first student gets counselor one, the second student gets counselor two, the third student gets counselor three, and the fourth student gets counselor one.
Fill - Assigns the same value for all students until the maximum number of students is reached, then assigns the next value.

Maximum Students Per Value

Used to limit the number of students to be assigned to a value. If you leave this blank, there is no limit.

Bell Schedule

Select the bell schedule for the update. This field only displays when the building has multiple bell schedules and House/Team is the Field selection.


The new values to be assigned to the specified field for students. Values will be assigned in the order they are entered.

Limit Records to Process (Max = 1000)

Enter a value between 1 and 1000.

Filter Panel

Use the Filter panel to select the students to receive the update information. After you enter your criteria, click Load to run the search and model the results on the Selected Students panel.

Sort Panel

Use the Sort panel to specify how records should be ordered in a report. You enter lines of sort criteria; the system compares your sort criteria against the corresponding fields in the records being searched and displays records in either ascending or descending order based on the sort fields.

Selected Students Panel

After using the Filter panel to enter criteria, click Load to run the search and "model" the results on this panel. Some options listed below are only active after you click Load.


 (Delete) to exclude a student's record from this update.

In the first row, you can add a student by entering a student ID and clicking Search in the Name field of the first row.

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