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Run the Rollovers

The following procedure is an overview of the rollover process. Before you run a rollover, refer to the detailed information for the specific rollover option.

  1. Turn off applications that log changes made to the database.
    • If your district audits updates, disable this option by removing the check from the Generate Audit When Any Data is Modified by a User checkbox in the Auditing panel of the District Definition Page.
    • If your district uses SIF or the PLUS 360 PSI, navigate to the eSchoolPlus agent and turn off publishing of objects and set the agent to Sleep.
    • Disable notifications for the district on the District Notifications Page. The Registration Rollover will update entry/withdrawal and may also update homeroom or counselor information depending on your criteria.
    • For sites that integrate eSchoolPlus and PowerSchool Special Education, turn off the integration. To turn off this integration, you need to open PowerSchool Special Education and edit the integration settings in the configuration by selecting Administration > Configuration.
  2. Use the Security Profile page ( Administration > Security > Users > Security Profile) to review security profiles.
    • Users who have the SYSTEM - ALL - ALL resource for all buildings will be able to access the system while it is locked.
    • If the user does not have SYSTEM - ALL - ALL for all buildings, then make sure to grant Read/Write access for the SYSTEM - MAINT - LOCK resource.
  3. Ensure that all users are out of the database, and disable all scheduled tasks. On the Preferences panel of the District Definition Page, select both the Lock Out Users and Disable Scheduled tasks in the Lock System section, then click Save.
    When the database is locked, users who do not have the SYSTEM - MAINT - LOCK resource will get a message that the system is locked for maintenance.
  4. Back up the system and export the database.
  5. Delete the backup files created when the rollovers were run for prior years. Refer to Deleting Previous Year-End Rollover Backup Files.
  6. Run the rollover on the Registration Rollover Page. For a description of error messages, refer to Registration Rollover Error Messages.
  7. Verify that the rollover was successful.
    • Review the Registration Year-End Backup Log and Registration Year-End Rollover Log on the Tasks and Reports Page.
    • Ask a few key users to view student registration data to confirm that data is accurate. Make sure users are aware they should not change data. If you decide to restore the data, changes made since the restore will be lost.
  8. If necessary, use the Restore mode on the Registration Rollover Page to restore data. Make any necessary corrections to student data or the Registration Criteria and, then run the Registration Rollover again. Repeat Steps 6 - 8 until you are satisfied with the results of the rollover.
  9. Run the Scheduling Rollover. Refer to the Scheduling Rollover Page. Confirm that the rollover was successful. If necessary, you can restore scheduling data.
  10. Run the Mark Reporting Rollover. Refer to the Mark Reporting Rollover Page. Confirm that the rollover was successful. If necessary, you can restore mark reporting data.
  11. Run the Success Plan Rollover. Refer to the Success Plan Rollover Page.
  12. Run the remaining rollovers from the following pages, if applicable to your district. These rollovers may be run in any sequence.
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