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Registration Rollover Page

On this page:

Use this page to close the current year by withdrawing students from the current school year and, if the criteria is defined to make the student's status Active, to move students to the next school year for Registration. Criteria that determines how students are processed is entered on the Registration Rollover Criteria Page.

For detailed information on Registration Rollover processing, refer to the Registration Rollover Criteria Processing Flow Chart and Registration Rollover Processing.


  1. Go through the Year End Procedures and complete all procedures prior to the Run the Rollovers procedure.
  2. Turn off applications that log changes made to the database.
    • If your district audits updates, disable this option by removing the check from the Generate Audit When Any Data is Modified by a User checkbox in the Auditing panel of the District Definition Page.
    • If your district uses SIF or the PLUS 360 PSI, navigate to the eSchoolPlus agent and turn off publishing of objects and set the agent to Sleep.
    • Disable notifications for the district on the District Notifications Page. The Registration Rollover will update entry/withdrawal and may also update homeroom or counselor information depending on your criteria.


The Help Desk can perform a Criteria Review to help identify and eliminate common rollover problems. This is especially helpful for first-year customers. To take advantage of this service, enter a support case requesting a Criteria Review and indicate your expected rollover date. As part of the process, you will need to email a copy of your criteria at least 2 weeks prior to the rollover date.

Please note that the Criteria Review checks for problems with criteria logic, but does not check the district's data to see if the data corresponds to the criteria. You are responsible for making sure the rollover criteria matches the data and makes sense for your students.

Run Registration Rollover

  1. Select Administration > Utilities > Year End > Registration Rollover.
  2. Select the criteria for which you want to run rollover on the Registration Rollover Criteria Page. If you run for selective criteria, make sure that criteria is ordered from the most selective to the most general. Otherwise, a student may be updated by a more general criteria before you run the more specific criteria that should have updated the student.
  3. Select the buildings and calendars for which you want to run rollover.
  4. Click Run.
  5. At the confirmation message, click Yes to run the rollover.
  6. Use the Tasks/Reports options on the Navigation bar to view task status and retrieve reports. Review the log file and spot check data to confirm that rollover was successful. Make sure users know not to change data until you have verified that you do not need to restore data.
    You can use an advanced search to find students who were not processed by a rollover. For more information, refer to Verifying that All Students Have Been Rolled.
  7. If you are satisfied with your results, you are done, and you can continue to the next rollover.
  8. If the log file has errors, or if you are not satisfied with the results of the rollover, click Restore to change the page to its Restore mode, and select the rollover run(s) you want to restore. The restore will load data for the backup files created for all rollover runs that were run on and after the rollover run selected. For example, if the Restore mode displays rollover runs 1, 2, and 3, and you select to restore run 2, then the restore will load back up data for rollover runs 2 and 3.
  9. Click Run.
  10. At the confirmation message, click Yes to run the restore.
  11. Once data is restored, you can correct data errors and re-run the rollover.


Rollover Mode

These panels display when Rollover is selected at the top of the page.

Prompts Panel

The current rollover school year displays at the top of the panel.

Student Rollover Criteria Section

This section allows you to select the criteria to process. Criteria from the Registration Rollover Criteria Page displays in sequence order.




Order in which this criterion will be processed.


Text describing the criterion.



(Checkmark) to select or clear all items. You can also and select/clear checkboxes for individual items.

Building Calendars Section

This section displays the calendars in each building. You can click

(Checkmark) to select or clear all items and select/clear checkboxes for individual items. Click
 (Expand) to display all calendars for buildings with multiple calendars.




All buildings in your database display.


The calendars associated with buildings. Click

(Expand) to process only students who are following a specific calendar for buildings with multiple calendars.



(Checkmark) to select or clear all items. You can also and select/clear checkboxes for individual items.

Appointments and Messages Section





Purge appointments on or before date - to delete staff appointments scheduled for the specified date and earlier.
Purge lunch counts on or before date - to delete TAC lunch counts for the specified date and earlier.


Click to select the corresponding option.

Date (prior to and including)If an option is selected for processing, enter the appropriate date.

Restore Mode

After you run the Registration Rollover, you can undo the changes made to the data by selecting the run(s) to restore. If there are several run numbers listed, the most recent run will be listed at the top.

Prompts Panel

The current rollover school year displays at the top of the panel.

Restore Section




Select the run number to restore. If multiple runs are listed, selecting a run number restores the rollover run(s) up to and including the selected run.


Number of the rollover run.

Run By

Name of the person who ran the rollover.


Date and time the rollover was run.


Criteria used to select records to process.


Buildings and Calendars processed in the rollover.

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