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Registration Rollover Processing

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The registration rollover process rolls students from the current year to the next year based on the registration criteria defined for your district on the Registration Rollover Criteria Page. Criteria can update the status of students or delete students from the database.

Base Processing

Based on the criteria entered on the Registration Rollover Criteria page, rollover updates registration information, closes the current year Entry/Withdrawal record, and, if the criteria is defined to set the student status to Active, opens an Entry/Withdrawal record for the next available school year.

Refer to the Registration Rollover Criteria Processing Flow Chart to see an illustration of how students are updated based on the criterion's Student Status. For detailed information about how student data is updated, refer to Frequently Asked Questions about Registration Rollover.

As a student is updated, a record is created in the Registration Year End Students table (REG_YREND_STUDENTS). If there is a record in this table for a student, the student is not processed by subsequent Registration rollovers for the year. The Registration Year End Students table stores the criterion number that the student met and was updated by. Additionally, if the student was pre-registered, the record stores an indicator used by the Programs Rollover Page to update programs correctly for pre-registered students.

If a student is selected by a criterion defined to delete students, the rollover deletes records from the Registration tables (including REG_PROGRAMS) for the student. Additionally, the Registration Rollover checks if the student was involved in any behavior incidents as an offender, victim, or witness. If any behavior incidents involve the student, a record is created in the Behavior Student Rollover table (DISC_STU_ROLLOVER). The Behavior Rollover Page uses the information from this table to create a non-student record for the individual so you can retain behavior incidents that involved students who were deleted.

Purging TAC Seating Charts

When you run the Registration Rollover, the seating charts defined in Teacher Access Center (TAC) for courses, homerooms, and periods are purged for the selected environment. For example, when you are running Registration Rollover for the summer school environment, only summer school seating charts are purged.

Additional Purge Options

You can select to purge staff appointments and the lunch counts entered in TAC.

This rollover does not purge the user notifications that display in the Notifications Viewer. They are not purged by the rollover because they are automatically deleted after a specified period of time.

The following chart indicates what records can be purged and indicates the purpose of each set of records.

Records you can purge

Notes about purging


These records define the appointments for counselors and other staff members. To purge appointments, enter the latest date of the appointments that you want to purge. For example, to purge appointments for the 2017 school year, enter the last day of school for 2017.

Lunch Counts

Lunch counts records are entered on the home page in TAC. To purge lunch counts, enter the latest date of the lunch counts you want to purge. For example, to purge records for the 2017 school year, enter the last day of school for 2017.

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