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Registration Building Setup Procedures

If you are adding a new building in which students will be enrolled, you must perform the following steps before you can add students into the building.

Define a building

  1. Define the valid codes for Registration validation tables (Administration > General Setup > District > Validation Tables). You must define values for the Entries and Withdrawals tables before you can add a building configuration.
  2. Add the building definition (Administration > Registration Setup > Building > Building Definition). The table provides a profile of all relevant building data.
  3. Add a Registration configuration for the building (Administration > Registration Setup > Setup > Registration Building Configuration) to create a configuration record for the building.
  4. Add rooms for the building (Administration > Registration Setup > Building > Room) to create and update records for every classroom in the building.
  5. Add staff for the building using the Staff option (Administration > Registration Setup > Building > Staff) to create staff and building assignments. Staff records are needed for the teachers, counselors, advisors, and disciplinarians you want to assign to students.
  6. Add cycle days (Administration > Registration Setup > Calendars > Cycle Days).
  7. Add calendars (Administration > Registration Setup > Calendars > Calendar). Define a default calendar for your building by checking its Set as Default box. The default calendar is used to determine attendance days.
  8. If the building will use Attendance, Mark Reporting, or Scheduling, define durations and marking periods using the Marking Periods option (Administration > Registration Setup > Calendars > Marking Periods).
  9. If your district uses GeoCode for assigning buildings and the building you are adding needs to be added as a building of residence for plan areas, use the Plan Areas option (Administration > Registration Setup > Setup > Geo Code Plan Areas) or use the Zones option (Administration > Registration Setup > Setup > Geo Code Zones) to update plan area information.
  10. If the building assigns lockers, use the Lockers option (Administration > Registration Setup > Building > Lockers).
  11. As needed, configure other Systems. For example, for a building that takes Attendance, you must add an Attendance Configuration.
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