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Credit Recovery Generation

On this page:

Use this utility to:

  • Generate a list of students and courses eligible to be reported. The utility checks the current school year's pass/fail records where the student may have been denied credit due to excessive absences. If you select Load Summer School on the Credit Recovery Setup page, it only builds records if the student is enrolled in the same course in summer school in the current summer school year. If the student is enrolled in special education in an instructional track other than 40, information for the 505 record will also be created.
  • If you select Maintain Course Information on the Credit Recovery Setup page, it updates minutes eligible present and career tech minutes present for each course the student is taking for credit recovery.


  1. Run the Pass Fail Indicators utility to verify pass/fail records exist in the current school year. Only Pass Fail records labeled Course Completed = Yes will be considered.
  2. Verify the district-level Credit Recovery Setup page is complete.
  3. For applicable students, verify the following fields are entered for the PEIMS Demographic program:
    • E0034 - Gifted Talented Indicator
    • E1012 - PEP Indicator
    • E0790 - EB Indicator
    • E1043 - ESL Program Type Code
    • E1042 - Bilingual Program Type Code
    • PRSRV - Pregnancy Related Services
  4. For applicable students, verify the following fields are entered for PEIMS Special Education program:
    • E0041 - Primary Disability
    • E0882 - Multiply Disabled Indicator
    • E0173 - Instructional Setting
  5. Verify the correct Attendance Codes are entered for summer school.

    Set the eSchoolPlus environment to Summer School prior to verifying the Attendance Codes.

  6. Verify the Marking Periods are correct in the summer school building.
  7. Verify the Sequence field in the PEIMS Course page is entered for summer school courses.
  8. Verify courses in the District Course Catalog have the State Course Information panel fields entered.
  9. Verify a calendar exists in the in the Summer School environment.
  10. Verify students are enrolled in summer courses in the same service ID as the Pass Fail record from the current year. The summer school courses pull from the school year set on the Sub 4 Dual Credit School Year field in the TX Configuration validation table.

Which Students Are Included in Credit Recovery?

  1. The student must have a pass/fail entry with a pass/fail indicator code marking the course as complete.
  2. The student must be enrolled in a summer school course that has an identical State Course code as the the regular school year course.
  3. The Sequence field on the PEIMS Course page for the summer school course in which the student is enrolled must match or be part of the course parts in the District Course Catalog under the State Course Information panel.


Menu path: From the Regulatory menu, choose Utilities, choose Utilities, and then select Credit Recovery Generation.



School Year

Enter the school year to generate credit recovery records.


Select the buildings to include in the utility.


Select the applicable grades to include for students.

Reporting Periods

Select reporting periods 7 or 8.

Clear AllSelect to delete all credit recovery data matching the school year, building, grade, and reporting period prior to processing student data.

Attendance Codes

Select the applicable summer school attendance codes to check when including students.

Pass/Fail Indicator Codes

Select the indicators to check when including students.

  1. Enter the fields as required.
  2. Click Load Records.
  3. Verify the list of students is correct in the Students To Be Submitted panel. Messages only display for students with existing override records.
  4. Click the Delete icon to remove any students.
  5. Click Run.

How Do Log Messages Generate?

  • If a credit recovery record exists for a student with the same service ID and course section key, the software excludes students from the results if the existing matching record is as an override.
  • If a student has multiple courses with the same service ID, the service ID only processes once.

Manage Credit Recovery Generation Records

Menu path: From the Regulatory menu, choose Other, choose Other, and then select Credit Recovery.

From this page, you can maintain Student, Special Ed, and Course information.

  1. Enter filters to search for students by ID, name, building, and grade.
  2. Click Load Records on the Existing Students Record Filter panel to display records. The Course and Special Ed panels display the grids each time you select them.
  3. You may enter manual overrides to records on this page.
  4. Click Save.
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