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Mark Reporting Setup

Set up the following pages for your building:

Final Marks

All buildings must enter final marks. Create report card records for all buildings and issue a final mark for all courses to report 415 records for all students.

For schools that previously did not schedule, you must complete minimum mark reporting processing. Run Scheduling Synchronization to create records and enter marks. You do not need to assign credit or run the Build Course Equivalency option for these buildings.

Mark Definitions

The following marks determine whether a student has earned credit for a course:

  • Semester mark – A mark issued multiple times per year.
  • Final mark – A mark issued once per year.

Mark Reporting Setups for Course Equivalency

Texas sites use the Course Equivalency Setup option to create state course records based on local course information. It is important that the setups are correct in order for state courses to be created correctly and for transcripts to be generated accurately. Each building in a school district must fit into one of the scenarios outlined in this section, which provide questions to help you identify the scenario that applies to your building, present the scenarios that are supported, and list the required setups for each scenario. If you need assistance with your building's setup or scheduling and mark reporting setups are changing for the next school year, contact the help desk.

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