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Gradebook Setup

Use Gradebook Setup to define categories and assignments for course-sections and competency groups. For course-sections, you can also define how progress report averages and report card averages will be calculated and upload attachments.

Get Started

  1. Enter Gradebook Category Information
  2. Assign Grading Scales to Students and Classes. You only need to do this if your school uses Grading Scales to convert averages to marks.
  3. Create Gradebook Assignments
  4. Copy Gradebook Categories and Assignments to other course-sections as needed
  5. Add and Delete Attachments to Course-Sections for Home Access Center
  6. Set Up IPR Averages
  7. Set Up Report Card Averages

If your school has assigned a Gradebook category type to the selected course, you may not be able to edit categories or how averages are calculated for report cards and progress reports. Category types allow your school to pre-define the Gradebook rules for courses. For more information, refer to What Is a Gradebook Category Type?

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