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Enter Gradebook Category Information

Use this procedure to specify how gradebook categories are used for the course. When you add an assignment, you'll select the category it applies to. For each category, rules can be specified to indicate how to handle missing assignments and dropping lowest assignments. Additionally, you can specify a weight for the category if you did not select to use the total points to calculate the average.

If your school has assigned a Gradebook Category Type to your course, you will not be able to select the categories for your course. Category types allow your school to pre-define the Gradebook rules for courses. For more information, refer to What Is a Gradebook Category Type?

Gradebook categories allow you to set up the default rules and then specific rules for individual marking periods. If all marking periods use the same rules, you only need to create the Default row. For more information on changing category options by marking period, refer to Varying Category Average Options by Marking Period

Define gradebook categories

  1. From Gradebook, click Setup to display the Gradebook Setup page.
  2. If you need to update the class or marking period, click Change, and make your selections.
  3. Click the Categories tab. Refer to the Category Field Descriptions for more information.
  4. To include a new category with the default rules to use:
    1. Click
      on the toolbar to add a new row to the top of the grid.
    2. Select the category.
    3. Specify the rules you'll use for most marking periods.
    4. Do not select any marking periods.
    5. Click
      to add the new category to the course.
  5. To set different rules for specific marking periods:
    1. Click
      on the category row to select it for editing.
    2. Select the marking periods that will use the unique rules specified. For example, if you want to drop more low assignments in marking period 1, select the marking period 1 checkbox.
    3. Specify the rules.
    4. Click
       in the Actions column.
  6. To edit rules on a category:
    1. Click
      on the category row to select it for editing.
    2. Change the rule settings as needed.
    3. Click
       in the Actions column.
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