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Vary Category Default Settings and Averaging Options by Marking Period

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Use this procedure to vary gradebook category default settings and averaging options by marking period. The Gradebook Setup page allows you to change how a category is averaged by marking period. You can define a different weight, drop a different number of lowest scores, and process missing scores differently for a category by marking period. For example, in marking period 1, you might only drop one score because you have less assignments in the marking period, and in marking period 2 you might drop three scores because you have three assignments that many students failed.

Vary category settings by marking period

On the Categories tab of the Define Assignments page, you can specify how a category should be included in Gradebook averages. Gradebook uses the settings on the row with Default in the Marking Periods column unless you define a separate set of rules for specific marking periods for the class.

If your school has assigned a Gradebook category type to the selected course, you may not be able to edit fields on the page. Category types allow your school to pre-define the Gradebook rules for courses. For more information, refer to What Is a Gradebook Category Type?

Add a row to specify a category's options for a marking period

  1. Click

     in the Actions column of the category row that lists Marking Periods as Default.

  2. Change the values on the row as desired.

  3. In the Marking Periods column, select the marking periods you want to apply these settings to.

  4. Click Save.

A new row is added for the category with the selections assigned to the selected marking period(s).

Add a marking period to an existing row

  1. Click

     in the Actions column of the marking period row you want to add marking period(s) to.

  2. In the Marking Periods column, select the marking periods you want to add.

  3. Click Save.

The new marking period(s) are now selected for this category.

Remove the specific settings for a marking period

  1. Click

     in the Actions column of the marking period row that you want to remove marking period(s) from.

  2. In the Marking Periods column, uncheck the box for the marking periods you want to remove.

  3. Click Save.

If you no longer want to use the specified rules for any of the selected marking period, you can click

in the Actions column. If you delete the Default row, you are removing the category from the class. You can only delete a category that has no assignments attached to it.

Vary the category settings for a mark by marking period

The Report Card Averages tab of the Define Assignments page does not display category records for all marking periods. It displays the values for the marking period selected in the Class Chooser.

If you calculate the mark based on categories without selecting to override, the calculation will include all categories selected for the class. For the marking period that is being calculated, the calculation will first look for category rules defined for the marking period. If there is no record for the marking period, then it will use the Default record for the category. 

Example: In the first marking period of the year, you drop the three lowest homework scores, but for the rest of the year you only drop one. You set up the categories as follows:

CategoryMarking PeriodDrop Lowest Scores

In marking period 1, the calculation will select the M1 rule for HWK and the Default rule for QUIZ. The three lowest scores for HWK will be dropped. 

In marking period 4, the calculation will select the Default rule for both HWK and QUIZ. The student's lowest score for HWK will be dropped. 

Override the category rules for the mark by marking periods

When you override the settings for the mark, the rules are saved for the marking period that you selected in the Class Chooser. 

  1. Verify that the correct marking period is selected on the Gradebook Setup page. If not, use the Class Chooser to select the marking period.
  2. Select the mark type.
  3. Select the Override checkbox.
  4. Select the Include checkbox for the categories to use in the calculation.
  5. To change the rules for a category, click
    and then specify the rules. Then, click Save

Note that if the mark type is calculated based on assignments for multiple marking periods (for example, a semester mark), then the settings for the last marking period will be used. For example, if you have a semester mark that receives results from marking periods 1 and 2 and you select to drop one score in marking period 1 and to drop three scores in marking period 2, the three lowest assignments for the semester will be dropped.

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