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Set Up IPR Averages

Use this procedure to set up IPR averages. The IPR Average tab in the Gradebook Setup page allows you to view how IPR marks are calculated based on the categories in the classes gradebook. You may also be able to override the setup.

Display the average setup for an IPR mark

  1. From Gradebook, click Setup to display the Gradebook Setup page.

  2. If you need to update the class or marking period, click Change, and make your selections.

  3. Click on the IPR Average tab.

  4. Use the Mark Type field to select the IPR mark that you want to display the average setup for.

Change the average setup for an IPR mark

  1. Display the average setup for the IPR mark (procedure above).

  2. Click on the Override checkbox to enter a checkmark.

  3. Select Include for all categories you want to include in the average.

  4. To change the rules for a category, click

     in the Actions column of the category row.

  5. Enter the appropriate information for each category.

  6. Click Save in the Actions column to save changes.

  7. If you need to change rules for additional categories, repeat steps 4-6.

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