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eSchoolPlus Release

New Features

The following features have been added in the eSchoolPlus version release.

Note that the ability to switch to other PowerSchool applications is not available for general release at this time. Look for an announcement when this feature is in general availability.

Product Area

Feature Title

Feature Description

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Banner Changes

The eSchoolPlus banner was modified as part of implementing the ability to switch to other PowerSchool applications.

  • The icons on the banner have changed to improve consistentcy with other PowerSchool applications.

The User menu are moved to the right and is accessed from the user's initials. The Print, UserVoice, and Sign Out options have been moved into the User menu.

As of January 15, 2021, eSchoolPlus now uses the Ideas Portal that can be accessed from the PowerSchool Community. The UserVoice option has been removed from the banner in the January Minor Maintenance release.

eSchoolPlus Icons


Unified Help Experience

Moved help to a public Confluence server to unify the help experience across PowerSchool products

In the new help site, the landing page includes access to a list of common topics that may help teachers. Users can search or use the table of contents to find help.


Enrollment Integration

*The Enrollment changes related to this feature will be released with Enrollment release

Modified the API to support the following:

  • Ability to match to students who are no longer active, so duplicates are not created if a student leaves a district and then returns
  • Ability to activate inactive/preregistered students upon delivery from enrollment
  • Ability to update grade and school through enrollment, so that if a student leaves a district and then returns and we activate the student, you can also update the current building and grade the student is in.


Enrollment Integration

Modified the api/Information endpoint to return the version from the SPI_VERSION table, which is updated for each release.

Enrollment can now use this endpoint to better decide how to deploy new features without interrupting current functionality.


Special Programs Integration

*The Special Programs changes related to this feature are included in the Special Programs release.

For districts who have enabled multiple classifications, the eSchoolPlus API will now:

  • Allow Special Programs to optionally pass all classifications associated with a student. The codes will be stored in the REG_CLASSIFICATION table.
  • Allow Special Programs to specify which classification is considered Primary. This code will also be stored in REG_PERSONAL.CLASSIFICATION.

This change will also be available in eSchoolPlus 19.4 and 19.11.

Teacher Access Center

Banner Changes

The Teacher Access Center banner was modified as part of implementing the ability to switch to other PowerSchool applications.

  • The icons on the banner have changed to improve consistency with other PowerSchool applications.
  • The User menu has moved to the right and is accessed from the user's initials.
  • The options in the Tools menu have been moved to the User menu.
  • The Sign Out option has been moved to the User menu.
  • The Student Search field format was changed. Note that as a result of this change, the Student Search does not support the ability to automatically open the Student Detail drawer when one student is returned.


SSO with OpenID Connect Protocol

Provided support for the OpenID Connect protocol for single sign on authentication of users for eSchoolPlus SIS, Teacher Access Center, Home Access Center, and Enrollment Online using an external identity provider.

  • Added the Global ID field to store the unique identifier for the identity provider to security profiles, staff, contact, and student user accounts.
  • Modified searches so users can search on the Global ID field.
  • Added the Export User Account Information and Import User Account Information utilities to allow you to mass populate the Global ID values for users. The export utility creates a spreadsheet with account information that can be updated to include the Global ID value. The import utility can then be used to update the security profiles, staff, and contact information with the specific Global ID.
  • Modified the District Configuration Utility so tenants can be added for single sign on access. The District Information Window was modified to allow you to enable single sign on by associating a tenant with the Administrator for eSchoolPlus SIS, Staff for Teacher Access Center, and Parents and Students for Home Access Center.
  • Modified the Security Profile page to include a Support Account checkbox to identify users who should have access to Support tools. This option only applies if the district uses Single Sign On.
  • Modified Enrollment Online authentication from Windows to Forms so the login page looks like the eSchoolPlus, Teacher Access Center, and Home Access Center login pages.

Note that substitutes must have a Staff District record in order to access Teacher Access Center after single sign on is enabled. A Staff District record is required to store the Global ID for the user account.

Add New Student


Security Profile

Staff District Information

Student Addresses

Export User Account Information

Import User Account Information

Resolved Issues

The following issues are resolved as fixes to be released with

Reference Number




Advanced SearchWhen saving a new search, if you did not load the search results before saving the search, the navigation buttons would not show the next and previous options to move between students when opening the saved search later. This has been resolved.
ESP-4804Advanced SearchWhen conducting an Advanced search for students with an Immunization Series Status of NA, the results were not including records with the Series Status of NA. This has been resolved.
ESP-34704Attendance EntryAn Internal Server error was occurring when trying to take attendance on an alternate cycle day with different periods. Attendance could be taken on Detail page as a work around. This has been resolved.
ESP-35714Average Marks Substitution SetupNo marks or incorrect marks were appearing in the replace value for Mark Substitution Setup. This has been resolved.
ESP-33394Behavior and SSP Referrals

Some referral scenarios were not setting the issue_resolved flag correctly.

  • Behavior referral where incident was created
  • SSP referral where it was not escalated
  • SSP referral where a SSP was created

Resolved these issues.

ESP-32914Behavior ReferralNames with an apostrophe were displaying incorrectly on the Behavior Referrals page list. This has been resolved.
ESP-33624Building Course SequencingBuilding Course Sequencing was displaying duplicate values that were not stored in the database. This has been resolved.
ESP-14450Change PasswordThe District Configuration Utility has been modified so that the password requirements content that appears on the Change Password pages does not allow SCRIPT tags to be included.
ESP-33400Classroom IssueUsers were able to edit classroom issue that were resolved or where an SSP or incident was created. Users should not be able to edit these issues. This has been resolved.
ESP-29872Classwork AverageThe child average was not displaying correctly in eSchoolPlus on the Classwork page when viewing the competency. It did not match the Classwork page in Home Access Center. This has been resolved.
ESP-33519Copy Setups - AttendanceWhen running the Copy Setups for the Attendance Configuration, the information in the Percentage panel was not being copied. This has been resolved.
ESP-34193Course Requests - Next YearUsers with appropriate security were unable to view courses in next year because the Requests page was not checking the next year security resource when in Next Year mode. This has been resolved.
ESP-30512District Course CatalogThe district course catalog was not defaulting the GPA types from the setup. This has been resolved.
ESP-33589District NotificationsWhen the district notification had scheduling available, it was not appearing in the building notification for it to be selected. This has been resolved.
ESP-7933Enrollment OnlineThe online enrollment form submitted was not getting sent to all registrars if the list was too long. This has been resolved.
ESP-27101Enrollment Online - New Student FormsWhen accepting new students, the same as physical checkbox was not working correctly. It was not copying over the physical address to the mailing address which resulted in the address not being copied to the living with contact on the form. This has been resolved.
ESP-35392EO RegistrarDistricts were unable to accept forms that included more than one new contact. This has been resolved.
ESP-29889EO Registrar ApprovalThe EO Registrar Approval was causing error during student matching in some scenarios. This has been resolved.
ESP-14458eSchoolPlusThe search/list pages were modified to display content with HTML tags in them as plain text.
ESP-31191GeoCode Overrides

Security resource REG-MAINT-LOCKBLDOVR was not controlling Override Building of Residence and Override Reason fields correctly. This has been resolved in the following way:

On the Address Page:
If locked, the user cannot change the override/reason. If not locked, the user cannot pick Locked, but should otherwise be able to update the fields.

On the Registration Page:
If locked, the user cannot change the override/reason. If not locked, the user cannot pick Locked, but should otherwise be able to update the fields.

ESP-36080HACThe reset password function in HAC was not working for certain email clients. The link contained a period which caused it to be cut off and not be clickable. This has been resolved.
ESP-34245HAC Building ConfigurationHAC Building Configuration displayed odd error messages when Career Plan as a Request By was chosen and the Show Career Plan option was not checked. This has been resolved by providing a more clear message.
ESP-29659HAC Career PlansCareer Plan Course was not splitting credits into multiple subject areas if they were set up to split evenly and the course had multiple subject areas. After a student's career plan was modeled and kept in eSchoolPlus, the credit did display correctly. This has been resolved.
ESP-33830HAC Course RequestsWhen pulling the HAC Course requests by the subject area, the list of courses a student could select included courses that were not enabled for HAC requests. This has been resolved.
ESP-35688HAC Report CardsParents were unable to view report cards from Home Access Center under a specific condition where the data warehouse had passed the number 32767 (smallint) and the HAC option did not allow for more than that. This has been resolved.
ESP-34479Incident DetailThe Responsible Administrator was not populated with student's disciplinarian when it was configured that way. This has been resolved.
ESP-35377Mark Reporting DetailThe Mark Reporting Detail page was showing an error when trying to update if the district had a large number of comment codes set up. This has been resolved.
ESP-31120Master Schedule Mass UpdateWhen adding an additional filter to the Master Schedule Mass Update and reloading the records, the additional filter would disappear. This has been resolved.
ESP-33720Medical Report Card - HearingThe student's hearing data was not being included in the Medical Report Card if the student did not have details for the Frequency section filled in. This has been resolved.
ESP-34123MSB Course Setup UtilityThe MSB Course Setup Utility task was running within a single transaction, which has a timeout of 60 seconds (or the value that the DTC Timeout is set to). The Utility has been modified to not be all in a single transaction so it will not timeout.
ESP-34131Office Visit DetailIf you were on the office visit page and went to office visit detail page, clicking on the return to previous page should take you back to the Office Visit Detail page, but it was returning to the Daily Log. This has been resolved.
ESP-35871Plus360 - OneRoster APIThe users endpoint was returning an error. This has been resolved.
ESP-33638Report Card alertComment descriptions were printing for every comment that the student had ever received. This has been resolved.
ESP-32125Report Card SummaryOn the Report Card Summary page, when the user set the Override Credit, the credit for the last MP in the MR_STU_MP table was not being set. This was only an issue when the case didn't match between the mark type setup and the student data table. This has been resolved.
ESP-32252Schedule EntryThe Keep Schedule option was taking a long time to complete. New indexes have been added to help.
ESP-29947Schedule EntryThe Last MP field was defaulting to a marking period before the First MP field in some scenarios. This has been resolved.
ESP-29474Schedule EntryThe Schedule Entry page was not always displaying the correct value in the Last MP field. It should always show what is saved in the database for that field and if the Last MP field is blank in the database it should always show the last mp for the course (regardless of drop date). This is resolved.
ESP-28803Schedule EntryWhen Marks are Changed From N, then back to T or O, the Last MP field was staying NULL and not defaulting to the marking period for the drop date. This has been resolved.
ESP-32370Schedule Entry GridThe previously dropped portion of a course was not displaying on the Schedule Entry Grid display. Only the active portion of the course was displaying in the grid. This has been resolved.
ESP-35144Security ProfileIf a role grants a user READ access to a list of buildings, then is updated to grant WRITE access to a specific building that is also in the READ list (like their default), then the WRITE permission was failing to pass down to the user level, even though it shows correctly on the role. This has been resolved.
ESP-19312Security ProfilePotentially sensitive information fields were not available to be added for the teacher security account. This has been resolved.
ESP-34867Student ScheduleWhen using the Mailer Report Mode for the Printable Student Schedule, the report would fail if the course description was over 40 characters. This issue has been resolved.
ESP-4818Student Success Plan InterventionsMultiple progress comments were created when the entered comment was too large for the comment area. This has been resolved.
ESP-32531TAC - Student Success Plan InterventionsIn TAC, the Student Success Plan intervention page would not load if the school had a large amount of data. This has been resolved.
ESP-33590TAC ClassroomLogin/User id was displaying instead of the appropriate Staff/User name. This has been resolved.
ESP-35872TAC EmailWhen teachers use the Insert Image button instead of the Attachment option, it opens a 3rd party option that allows the teachers to browse the folder for UltimateEditor on the server where it is installed. The button to Insert Image has been removed to resolve.
ESP-34421TAC InterventionsIn TAC, SSP Interventions, the page would immediately get smaller when using a date or showing notes. It was hard to see a lot of data. This has been resolved.
ESP-33587TAC Student Average ReportThe average was not rounding correctly in the TAC Student Average Report. This has been resolved.
ESP-28806Teacher ImpersonationsIn some circumstances, users were not able to delete Teacher Impersonations for security users. This has been resolved.
ESP-34003Test DefinitionThe Test Key was sometimes getting incorrectly set to 0, if the user did a search that resulted in multiple results and then did not pick any of them. This has been resolved.

Security Features

This release includes the following changes for Security resources:

Feature Change

Security Resources

Single sign on

Assign this resource to users who should be able to export and import user account information so you can update the Global ID values for multiple users at one time.

Database Updates

The following table lists eSchoolPlus database changes that may have been made to your database as part of the 20.4 release. Some changes may have been applied to your database in earlier updates if the changes were added for prior software versions.

There are no Cognos model updates required for the 20.4 release.

Base Database Table Changes

Table Name







Added table to associate the eSchoolPlus login ID with the Global ID to support SSO.



Tasks Database Table Changes

Table Name



Added table to store the tenant that is used for the application and district.


Added table to store the Global ID for users who have access to support tools for districts using SSO.


Added table to store the identity provider information to support SSO.


Added table to store the unique ID for the application and district to enable switching between PowerSchool applications. Note that this feature is not yet available for general availability.

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