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Export User Account Information

As part of implementing single sign on access for eSchoolPlus, you will need to associate the external identity provider's unique identification code with the appropriate user account. This tool allows you to create a spreadsheet of existing eSchoolPlus account information where you can then enter the unique identification code for each user. Then, you can use the Import User Account Information option to load the unique identification code into the Global ID field for the user in eSchoolPlus.

Note that when selecting students and guardians, the export returns records for students who have an existing login ID and are active or pre-registered only.

Export CSV File 

  1. Select Administration > Security > Utilities > Export User Account Information.
  2. To export records for only accounts that do not have a global ID entered, select the Include Only Records without Global IDs checkbox. Otherwise, all account will be exported.
  3. In the Filename for Export, enter a filename to override the default name which is GlobalIDExport. The filename indicated will be appended with a unique time and date.
  4. To export Staff District records, select the Export Staff checkbox.
  5. To export user profile records, select the Export Administrators checkbox.
  6. To export student records, select the Export Students checkbox. 
    • Select the Include Only Students with HAC Access checkbox to only include students who currently have access to Home Access Center.
    • To export a limited set of students, you can select specific buildings and/or grades. Then, the export will include only students enrolled in the selected building and/or grades.
  7. To export guardian records, select the Export Guardians checkbox.
    • Select the Include Only Guardians with HAC Access checkbox to only include contact records for guardians who currently have access to Home Access Center for a student.
    • To export a limited set of guardians, you select specific buildings. Then, the export will include only contact records for guardians who have students enrolled in one of the selected buildings.
  8. Click Run.
  9. Use the Tasks/Reports options on the Navigation bar to view task status and retrieve the export.

CSV File Format

The following columns are included in the spreadsheet file. Spaces were added here to make field names easier to read. The source data depends on the account type. 



Account Type

Contact - Both students and guardians will have this account type. For student accounts, the contact information is pulled from the Mailing address. Within the spreadsheet, you can distinguish a contact and student record by looking at the Student ID column. It is only populated for students.

Admin - User Profiles

Staff - Teachers and substitutes from the Staff District and Staff Building Information.

If the same login ID was entered in a User Profile and the Staff District record, then both Admin and Staff will be indicated as the account type.

Login ID

Global ID


For staff members, this is the staff member's selected primary building, if specified.

For students, indicates the building from Registration.

Staff ID

Staff accounts only

Student ID

Student accounts only

First Name

Name fields are populated for all account types.

For Admin accounts, the full name will appear in the First Name field.

For Staff accounts, the name fields are pulled from the Staff District Information.

Middle Name

Last Name




Student accounts only


For student and staff accounts only.

Street Number

For students, guardians, and staff.

Street Name

For students, guardians, and staff.
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