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eSchoolPlus Release

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New Features

The following features have been added in this release.

Product Area

Feature Title

Feature Description

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Home AccessLearning Locations

Added ability to control whether the Learning Location information displays in HAC. Modified the HAC Building Configuration page to add Show Learning Location fields.

Modified the Home Access banner to use the new configuration setting to determine if the Learning Location should be shown.

Added an icon to the Home Access Week View page to indicate the student’s location (In School, Virtual/Synchronous, Virtual/Asynchronous) for each day of the selected week. The tooltip indicates the student’s learning location for that day.

Added the student's learning location details for each day to the Home Access Calendar page.

Identify Learning Locations for Students

eSchooPlusLearning Locations

Added a widget to show student totals for the learning locations by location type for a date. The widget includes totals to show students who are not assigned to learning locations and learning locations that are not assigned to a location type. Click a total to display a list of the students.

You can select the building and date to display and optionally include learning locations that are not assigned to students. The user must have access to the Student's Learning Location page to use the widget.

Home Page

Managing Home Page Widgets for Your Users

Teacher AccessLearning Locations

On the Attendance List page, teachers can select to show or hide students with learning locations that are tied to In School, Virtual/Synchronous, and Virtual/Asynchronous in the calendar.

As this page does not currently provide the ability to change the sort order for students, the ability to sort by learning locations that was added to the Gradebook and Class Roster pages is not available on this page.


Product Area

Feature Title

Feature Description

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eSchoolPlusSimple Search

Enhanced the simple search to support the sounds like search on student name fields. The user can select if they want to use a Sounds Like search for a student name field.

Student Search Procedures

eSchoolPlus Advanced Search

Added the ability to search for students with a name that sounds like the entered value on the Advanced Search page by selecting the Sounds Like operator for First, Middle, and Last name fields.

The Advanced Search will use the Sounds Like search for any selected field.

Search Conditions
eSchoolPlus Office/Teacher Attendance Verification

Previously, when the Include Records with No Teacher Entry checkbox was selected, the results did not include student attendance records where the teacher had removed entered attendance. Now the results include student records meeting the scenario described below.

The building is configured so that the Teacher Access Attendance Entry P checkbox does not add a default code; in this case, selecting the P checkbox removes any existing attendance record resulting in the student having an audit record for a teacher entry, but no current teacher entry.

eSchoolPlus Quick Search

Added ability for the user to set preferences to determine if the Quick Search will filter based on the user's default building and their selected current status codes when searching by student name. The settings are defined on the Preferences page.

Updated Quick Search functionality to return matching students with any status irrespective of whether an entry/withdrawal record exists in the environment when searching by ID in the Quick Search field.

Preferences Page

Resolved Issues

The following issues are resolved as fixes in this release.

Reference Number



ESP-30552Attendance Criteria Calculation

If a student had no absences for the time frame specified in the Attendance Criteria Calculation, the student was excluded from the calculation. This could result in the student receiving multiple attendance letters for the same criteria.

ESP-45160Dental / Vision / Growth / Other Exams

If you apply multiple referrals to an exam, the referrals are added to MED_REFFERAL with a sequence number as part of the key. When deleting a referral where multiple exist, the sequencing was not updating correctly and caused subsequent updates or deletes to error. This has been resolved.

ESP-28216HAC - Classwork

HAC Classwork header average was not showing if the mark type was set to type IPR. This has been resolved.


On the Immunizations page, some vaccinations that were marked as inactive were still appearing in the drop-down to select. This has been resolved.

ESP-41929Master Schedule List Report

The total used seats in the Master Schedule List report were showing as higher than expected when there were multiple sessions of a course. This has been resolved.

ESP-44503Other Exams

Saving a referral from the Other Exam page always saved the referral with a test type of "SPI_OTHER" instead of the test type entered on the page. This has been resolved.

ESP-44597Physical Exam

An error message was occurring when a user tried to set up a physical exam on a date prior to a student's entry date. This has been resolved.


If the user tried to delete a program record that was linked to another field, they would receive an error when adding a new record because deleting the program record did not delete the linked data. This has been resolved.

ESP-45823ProgramsResolved an issue where deleting a program record with a link type of L (not-absolute) would only delete linked vector with a matching date range, not all vectors that fall within the range.
ESP-44893Script Runner

Script Runner would fail to log an appropriate error if it failed to connect to a database while processing scripts. This has been resolved.

ESP-45314Substitute Attendance Sheets

The learning location was not displaying on the Substitute Attendance Sheets when a student had an open summer school entry/withdrawal record. This has been resolved.

ESP-44812TAC Report Card

An error was occurring when printing report cards in TAC for an inactive student. Modified so the list of students available to print only includes active students.

ESP-45446TAC Student Drawer

An error was occurring when accessing the student drawer from the class roster list in multiple class mode. This has been resolved.

ESP-28250TAC Student Drawer

An error was occurring when accessing the student drawer from the attendance list in multiple class mode. This has been resolved.

ESP-45066Transfer Class Attendance to PR

The Transfer Class Attendance to PR process fails for a certain student who had courses with multiple house teams associated with them. This issue has been resolved.

State Reporting

This release includes changes for the following states:

  • California

  • Illinois

  • Michigan

  • New York
  • Ohio

  • Oregon

  • Pennsylvania

  • Texas

  • Virginia

  • Washington

Release notes are available in your state's eSchoolPlus online documentation site.

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