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Student Record Maintenance

On this page:

Follow these instructions to create Student Record Maintenance files.

Student Record Maintenance Prerequisites

For all Student Record Maintenance Submission Types:

  1. If you use specific Entry codes to designate entry into your district, list the appropriate codes in the MI SDS Download Options district-level page.
  2. Run the Attendance Day Totals Calculation for your State Reporting Attendance View.
  3. If you need to exclude any student from the submission, use the MI Exclude from submission.

Creating the Student Record Maintenance Files

The frequency that your District sends Student Record Maintenance files is determined by your district with the exception of the End of Summer submission, therefore this section of the documentation will give you guidelines, but you will need to determine the exact dates for the prompts for your District.

  1. Run the SDS Download.  The Start Date and End Date fields are used to find students who have enrolled or exited in that timeframe to determine if a record should be created.  The Date of Count should be the same as the End Date.  If your District determines that you will send Student Record Maintenance files every two weeks, your State Date will be the day after the last time you created the file and the End Date/ Date of Count would be two weeks after that.  Students who have Entry and/or Withdrawal Dates in the date range will be included in the files.

Submission Types for Student Record Maintenance

    • If you want to send Entry/Withdrawal updates for students, then you will select SRM Enroll/Exit. 
    • If you want to send all information about a student, then select Student Record Maintenance and put the student id in the Filter.  Make sure that you use a Filter.  If you don't, all students who were enrolled in the Start and End Date range will be selected.
    • To download Section 23a records, choose SRM – Dropout Recovery (23).  This is the only Submission Type that produces Section 23a records.  For information on how these records are created, refer to Reporting Section 23a Component Records.
    • To download Section 25 records, choose SRM – Partial FTE (25).  This is the only Submission Type that produces Section 25 records.  For information on how these records are created, refer to the Reporting Section 25 Component Records which follows.
  1. Review the error log (MI SDS Download Log) and fix data as necessary. 
  2. Re-run the download using the same prompts as in Step 1 as many times as you need to make sure that all errors are resolved.
  3. Use the SDS Student Summary or MI State Download Search pages to view the data that will be sent to the State to spot-check some students and review students that may have exceptions in their data.
  4. Run the download using the prompts above, making sure that you have the Run Download checkbox selected.
  5. Select Regulatory > MI SDS Reporting > MI SDS Reporting > SDS Submission Files to create submission files using the following prompts in the table below.
  6. You will get a file called "MI SDS StudentRecordMaintenance….xml".  Click on the file and save it to your PC. The file name will include the School Year and the Date/Time you ran the file before the xml extension.
  7. Upload the file to the MSDS website and follow their instructions.



School Year

Enter the school year you are creating the file for.

Submitting Entity

Select the Submitting Entity.  In most cases, you will select District.

Building List

Select the buildings you want to include.

Submission Type

Select the Submission Type that you are creating the file for.

Date of Count

Enter the Date of Count that you entered on the SDS Download screen.

Run with Student UIC

Select the appropriate choice. 

  • To include students with UICs, select With UIC's
  • To include students that don't have a UIC, select Without UIC's
  • To include students with and without UICs, select All Students.

Log File Type

Select CSV to get an Excel file of errors or PDF to get the errors in a pdf file.

Reporting Section 25 Component Records

Section 25 component records are reported based on the student having the Section 25 Partial FTE box checked on the MI SDS student district-defined page. If this box is checked, the SDS Download does additional verification based on the student's First Day in Attendance.  The student needs to meet the following criteria to have a record created:

  • The First Day in Attendance needs to come after the Fall General Collection's Date of Count.
  • The First Day in Attendance cannot be more than 30 calendar days earlier than the current system date when you run the download.  Section 25 requests can only be submitted within 30 days of the student's first attendance date.
  • The First Day in Attendance needs to be before the SDS Download Date of Count.

The First Day in Attendance is the first membership date on or after the student's enrollment date unless the student has an override in the MI SDS page's Section 25 Start Date Override field.

XML Components Included in the Student Record Maintenance Collection

Refer to the Michigan Component File Layout document for information about the fields included in a component. For help accessing this file, refer to eSchoolPlus Michigan State Reporting Documentation.

XML Components Included


Adult Education Component


Attendance Component


Discipline Component


Early Childhood Special Education Assessment Component


Enrollment Component


Homeless Demographics Component


General Education FTE Component


Initial IEP Component


Title III LEP and Immigrant Component


Membership Component


Personal Core Component


Personal Curriculum Component


Personal Demographics Component


Program Participation Component


School Demographics Component


Section 25 Component


Section 23a Component


SNE Component


Special Education Component


Student Record Maintenance Component


Submitting Entity Component


Title I TAS Component


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