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MI Section 23a Dropout Recovery Page

Registration > Entry & Reports > Student District Defined > MI Sec23a Dropout Recovery

Use this page to indicate start date and completed months for students participating in a Section 23a eligible dropout recovery program. For a given school year and program start date, check the appropriate month's checkbox to indicate each completed month.  If a student leaves a building and re-enters dropout recovery for that building later in the same year, you can enter a Program End Date indicating the student's exit, then add a new Program Start Date and associate the appropriate months with that second start date.

Refer to the section on Reporting Section 23a Component Records for information on how the SDS Download option generates records from data on this page.

School YearSelect the school year associated with the student's dropout recovery program participation.
Program Start Date

Date the student started participating in the dropout recovery program. This is reported in the Section 23a component.

You can have more than one Start Date associated with a single School Year if you need to report a situation where the student left then re-entered the dropout recovery program for a particular building.

If the SDS Download finds more than one Program Start Date for a given School Year, it reports information for the bottom-most row for that year.

Month checkboxes

Check the box for each month where the student is considered as "Full Attendance" in the dropout recovery program. Please note that the "Full Attendance" distinction is one you make within your district.

In terms of the Section 23a component, the download reports months in a record by comparing the prompted Date of Count to the boxes checked for a student. Any month that is completed as of the Date of Count will be included in the Section 23a record as long as that month's box is checked for the school year and reported Start Date.

If you ran the download with a Date of Count of 01/15/2017 for a student who had a record for the 2017 school year that included months November, December, and January, the student would be reported for November and December, but not January as the count date is within that month.

Program End DateThis is an information-only field that does not affect processing or reporting.  You can use it to indicate when the student leaves a building and the Dropout Recovery program. This can be especially useful in a case where the student leaves and re-enters within the same school year. To indicate this, you could enter a Program End Date and add another row with a new Start Date showing the student's reentry.
Reporting Section 23a Component Records

Section 23a component records are reported based on School Year, Program Start Date, and associated months completed on the Section 23a Dropout Recovery student district-defined page.  You are expected to report Section 23a students on a monthly basis.

A Section 23a record reports each full month of Dropout Recovery participation by a student relative to the Date of Count you choose when running SDS Download. For a student to get reported for a given month, he or she needs the School Year and Program Start Date defined and the appropriate month's box checked. For the SDS Download to generate a record, it looks for a record on the MI Section 23a Dropout Recovery page for the prompted School Year.  For a given year, the download reports the last listed record on this page. The download reports a month only if it has completed before the Date of Count. If there are no eligible months to claim, the download does not create a record.

To see these rules in practice, consider a scenario where you run the SDS Download with a Date of Count of 03/14/2017 for the SRM – Dropout Recovery submission type.  Section 23a records would be created as follows:

  • A student will get a record including any month's box that is checked in the 2016-2017 school year up to and including February 2017.
  • March 2017 is not included since the Date of Count is within March, signifying the month is not completed for Section 23a reporting.
FTE for Dropout Recovery StudentsThe SDS Download will always set a dropout recovery student's FTE values to zero.  This rule applies to General Ed and Special Ed FTE. The download uses the prompted School Year and checks whether a student has data for that year on the MI Sec23a Dropout Recovery page.  If yes, the download sets the FTE to 0.00 for any component submitted for that student.


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