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MI Exclude from Submission Page

Registration > Entry & Reports > Student District Defined > MI Exclude from Submission

Use this page if you need to mark a student as Excluded from any or all of the data collections available through the SDS Downloads and SDS Submission Files options.  If you mark a student as Excluded for a submission, he or she will not have records generated for any of the components associated with that submission.

You can review a student's existing submission exclusions on this page and, when appropriate, remove an exclusion so the student can again get processed for a submission.

To Update a Student's Submission Exclusions

  1. Select the Submission code from which you want to exclude the student.
    • Choose code 99 if you want the student excluded from all submissions.
    • The remaining codes correspond to the Submission Types available on the SDS Download and SDS Submission File pages.
  2. To remove an exclusion, check the Delete box next to the appropriate Submission.
  3. When you finish making changes, click Save.
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