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CALPADS Fall 2 Processing

The following section reviews prerequisites and processing steps for creating the CALPADS Fall 2 submission files.

CALPADS Fall 2 Files

The following CALPADS files are required for the Fall 2 submission. The Student Information, Student Enrollment and Student Programs files will be created using the CALPADS SSID/Student Profile Processing steps.


File Layout/Mapping

Student Information

Student Information File Layout

Student Enrollment

SSID File Layout

Student Programs

Student Program File Layout

Student English Language Acquisition

Student ELA File Layout

Student Course Section

Student Courses File Layout

Course Section

Course Section File Layout

Staff Demographics

Staff Demographics File Layout

Staff Assignments

Staff Assignments File Layout


  1. Make sure that you have submitted the SSID Enrollment, Student Information, Student Programs, and Student ELA files to CALPADS (CALPADS SSID/Student Profile Processing). Note: Secondary SSID Enrollment for buildings (where the student is attending a course in a building other than his/her Entry/Withdrawal building) are created in the SSID Enrollment process. The SSID Enrollment file will need to be submitted before submitting the Student Course file to CALPADS.
  2. Verify that your English Learner students are entered into eSchoolPlus correctly. See the Registration Page and CA Programs > CA120 – English Proficiency sections of this Guide for more information. On the CA120 Program, pay close attention to the English Proficiency and ELA CST Proficiency lines.
  3. Verify that staff data is entered properly. sections for information on what data needs to be entered. Additionally, all staff with a Job Class of 12 with assignments on the CA CALPADS Staff Assignment page need a corresponding Master Schedule course for each building and assignment.
  4. Additionally, all staff that you need to report to CALPADS must be assigned to a Building on the Staff Information – Building Information tab.
  5. Verify that you have updated the CA Institution page for all buildings to have the correct Marking Period for the Census Date. Courses in buildings that do not have a value in the Marking Period field on the CA Institution page will not be processed.
  6. If you have Elementary Courses that are not scheduled, make sure that you followed the procedure in the Student Homeroom Tracking Setup section of the User Guide to ensure that Student Course records are created for these non-scheduled courses.

Create CALPADS Fall 2 Submission

  1. Download the Staff Demographics ODS file from CALPADS and Upload to eSchoolPlus. See the Upload CALPADS ODS Files section for information on this.
  2. Run the eSP vs CALPADS File Reconcilliation process for the Staff Demographics file uploaded in step 1. See the Create eSchoolPlus vs CALPADS Reconcilliation Files section for more information.
  3. Make any changes to eSchoolPlus based on the Reconcilliation report.
  4. Run the Create CALPADS Extract State File process to create Student Course Section records (see the Run the Extract Option for additional information on this page). Make sure that in the Select Downloads for dropdown field you have selected Student. Also make sure that Extract box is checked.
  5. Run the Create CALPADS Extract/State Files process to create Staff records (see the Run the Extract Option for information on this page). In the Select Downloads for field, select Staff. You must have the Extract box checked. Make sure that the Staff Demographics and Staff Assignment checkboxes are checked in the Submission Files section of the page.
  6. Run the Create CALPADS Extract/State Files process to create Course Section records (see the Run the Extract Option for information on this page). In Select Downloads for, select Course. Make sure that Extract box is checked.
  7. Review the errors and warnings and update data in eSchoolPlus as necessary.
  8. Repeat stepts 4, 5 and 6 as many time as necessary until you do not get Errors in the Task Log. If you did not have it checked before, you should check the Update Existing Records checkbox. This will ensure that the records created before are updated with your changes.
  9. You may view the data that has been extracted into the download tables by going to Regulatory > CALPADS > Summary > CALPADS Student Summary (CALPADS Student Summary Page), Regulatory > CALPADS > Summary > CALPADS Staff Summary(CALPADS Staff Summary Page). The primary staff and secondary staff for course section for CALPADS fall submission will be extracted from Master Schedule Course Information page ( Scheduling > Courses > Course Sections > Master Schedule). If the Highly Qualified value for staff members is not defined in the Staff Date Tracking page, then it will be extracted from the CA Staff Highly Qualified (206) district-defined page or from the CA Course page (Scheduling > Courses > Course Sections > CA Course). For more information, refer to the Primary Staff and Secondary Staff Tracking for Courses section.
  10. When you are satisfied with the data and are not getting errors in the Task Log, you can create the State Files. (See the How to Create the State Files section). Check the State Files box and run the download. Do this for Student, Staff, and then Course.
  11. Follow your District's instructions on getting the State files from eSchoolPlus to CALPADS.

When submitting files at CALPADS, you must submit the Staff Demographics file before you submit Staff Assignments and you must submit the Course Section file before you submit the Student Course Section file. Because of this, we recommend that you submit the files from eSchoolPlus to CALPADS in the following order:

  • Staff Demographics
  • Staff Assignments
  • Course Section
  • Student Course Section
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