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Run the Extract Option

Regulatory > CALPADS > Download/Upload > CALPADS Extract/State Files
Follow these steps:

  • The information in the Submission Files and Filter areas of the page will change based on the value in the "Select Downloads for" prompt.
  • The Census Date will be specified by the State for Fall submissions
  • The Extract checkbox tells the system to find the correct records and put them into download tables in the database.
  • To be safe, check the Update Existing Records box—if you ran the Extract once and then made changes, but didn't have Update Existing checked, the system would only add new records based on your filter rather than updating the items that are already in the "download" tables.
  • The errors and warnings can be output to a pdf or csv file.

Note: On this page, if you select SSID as the Submission Type, you cannot uncheck the SSID Enrollment checkbox in the Download Prompts section of the page. This is because in the SSID submission, you must submit an SSID Enrollment file for any students that you are sending information for. For other Data Submissions, if a file is required for proper processing/extracting then the system will not allow you to uncheck the box.

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