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Process State File Data for CALPADS Submissions

This section provides general instructions for creating CALPADS submission files. Sections on specific submission periods follow.

Since the State only wants changes to the data that they have for many of the files and since they are offering a download option on the CALPADS site, districts will need to do the following in order to most efficiently send data to the State:

  1. Download ODS file(s) from CALPADS (for Effective Date and Transaction Processing Types)
  2. Upload ODS file(s) to eSchoolPLUS (for Effective Date and Transaction Processing Types)
  3. Create CALPADS File Reconciliation Logs (for Effective Date and Transaction Processing Types)
  4. Make necessary changes to eSchoolPlus
  5. Create CALPADS Extract Files (populates the download tables)
  6. Resolve any errors and/or warnings in eSchoolPLUS by reviewing the Task Log Messages page and updating the data as necessary
  7. Create CALPADS Extract Files again (if changes made)
  8. Create CALPADS State Files (takes data from download tables and creates file to upload at CALPADS site)

After a district has Uploaded ODS files, they will be able to create a .csv file (CALPADS File Reconciliation Logs) that contains the records that do not match between eSchoolPLUS and CALPADS from the Create CALPADS Extract/State Files page. The districts will need to determine which data is correct and if the CALPADS data is more accurate, they will need to update eSchoolPLUS to reflect this.

SSID Enrollment Submission Note: when submitting the files to the State for the SSID Enrollment, you should first send only the SSID file. Once that has been processed at CALPADS with no errors, then you should send the Student Information and Student Programs files. You may create the three files at the same time from eSchoolPLUS, but only submit the SSID file first.

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