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Report 090 Records for Staff Members

  1. Navigate to the Staff District Information page. From the Scheduling menu, choose Courses, choose Resources, and then select Staff.
  2. Enter the teacher's State Staff ID. The software only creates 090 and 305 records for teachers with a State ID.

    The field allows entries greater than nine digits, but 090 and 305 records only support a maximum of nine digits. The Staff Download generates a log file error if an ID exceeds this limit.

  3. Navigate to the PEIMS Course page and enter course information for all courses the staff member teaches.
  4. Navigate to the Master Schedule page. If the teacher is a secondary staff member for a class or if the teacher-of-record for a course changes throughout the year, enter the staff member's information. If there is a Master Schedule Staff Date Tracking record for a teacher, the Role ID pulls from this record instead of the PEIMS Course record. For more information on the PEIMS Course Staff page, refer to Scheduling Setup.
  5. Navigate to the Responsibilities page and complete the fields as needed.
  6. If your building includes lunch times in course periods, define the lunch times in the Lunch Group Validation Table. Assign the appropriate lunch group on the PEIMS Course page.
  7. Run the Course/Staff/Student download. Select Staff as the Download Type.
  8. Use the Staff Download Summary Option to review the download information to review staff data for accuracy. If you find errors, PowerSchool recommends modifying the source data and re-running the download.

Missing 090 Records

If you completed all prerequisites and a teacher have a responsibility record for a course where the teacher is the primary staff member, do the following:

  • Check the Course Equivalency Definitions page to verify the local course is linked to a state course.
  • Check the State Courses page to verify if Valid for 090 Records is selected for the state courses associated with the local courses. Otherwise, the system does not create 090 records.
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