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Assigning Students to Teachers for Competencies

The eSchoolPlus system supports two kinds of standards-based competencies:

  • Course competencies - These competencies are associated with courses from a building's course catalog. For example, a course competency group for Algebra I would include the competencies to be measured for Algebra I and would be assigned to a building's Algebra I course codes. Students scheduled for Algebra I would be graded for the competency group.
  • Student competencies - These competencies are associated with students by criteria and are not tied to courses. For example, a student competency group for first grade reading would include the competencies to be measured for reading for first grade students and would include criteria that selects the students in first grade. Students who meet the criteria would be graded for the competency group.

For more information on the types of competencies, refer to Overview of Student and Course Competencies.

How students are associated with teachers for course competencies

Since course competencies are linked to courses, it is easy to ensure that these records are available to the appropriate teachers and applied to the correct students. Teachers have access to course competencies based on the Master Schedule course-sections they teach. Similarly, student schedules determine the class lists displayed in Gradebook and therefore the course competencies that apply to each student.

How students are associated with teachers for student competencies

For student competencies, you use a separate Mark Reporting setup option, Teacher Assignment, to determine how instructors are assigned to students. For a competency group, you can:

  • Assign the student's primary or secondary homeroom teacher.
  • Assign a specific teacher for all students who meet the competency group's criteria. For example, all students may have the same teacher for physical education competencies.
  • Assign teachers to students based on defined criteria. For example, students may be divided into different groups for second grade reading competencies so the students in a homeroom may have different teachers for reading.

For more information on assigning teachers to students, refer to Teacher Assignment Search Page and Teacher Assignment Student Criteria Page.

For teachers to enter competency information in TAC, the Build Student Competencies option needs to be run to create the competency records for students and to update the teacher assignments for competency groups. For more information, refer to Build Student Competencies Page.

The student lists displayed in TAC for student competency groups are only up to date through the last time you ran Build Student Competencies. You need to run this option regularly to reflect the most recent teacher assignments for buildings that use student competency groups in Gradebook. For a procedural outline, refer to Keeping Student Competency Class Lists Up to Date in TAC Gradebook.

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