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Setting Up Standards and Competencies

If your district uses the Standards and Competencies options to report course or student competencies, then the procedures that follow are usually performed by your system administrator or building personnel when the Mark Reporting package is initially set up.

Refer to Gradebook Setup for a procedure to set up Gradebook for Teacher Access Center.

Set Up Standards and Competencies

  1. Set up the security resources (Administration > Security > Users > Security Profile) for users who need access to the Standards and Competencies options.
  2. Define the formatting to use for the levels of competencies using the Standards/Competencies Formatting page (Administration > Mark Reporting Setup > Standards & Competencies > Standards/Competencies Formatting).
  3. For each building using Standards and Competencies, set up the building using the Mark Reporting Configuration page (Administration > Mark Reporting Setup > Setup > MR Building Configuration). If a configuration already exists for the building, make sure the building is set up to process Standards and Competencies and, if the building issues student competencies, define the maximum number of characters, up to 8,000, for the free text comment for a marking period.
  4. Define the mark types for which you grade competencies using the Standards and Competencies panel of the Mark Types option (Administration > Mark Reporting Setup > Setup > Mark Types).
  5. Define the fixed comments that can be entered for students for competencies using the Comments option (Administration > Mark Reporting Setup > Setup > MR Comments).
  6. Define the comment types for which you store comments for competencies using the Comment Types option (Administration > Mark Reporting Setup > Setup > Comment Types).
  7. Define the grading scales that can be used to enter marks for competencies using the Competency Grading Scale option (Administration > Mark Reporting Setup > Standards & Competencies > Competency Grading Scale).
  8. Define the student or course competency groups and the competencies for each competency group using the Competencies option (Administration > Mark Reporting Setup > Standards & Competencies > Competency Setup). For each competency, you will associate the grading scale and mark types issued for the competency.
  9. For student competencies, define the teacher assignments for each competency group using the Teacher Assignment List option (Administration > Mark Reporting Setup > Standards & Competencies > Teacher Assignment).
  10. Define how competency information should be printed on the report card using the Report Card View Setup option (Administration > Mark Reporting Setup > View Setup > Report Card View Setup). To define how course competency information prints, select the mark types and comment types to print in the Courses section of the Marks/Comments/Absences panel. To define how student competency information prints, select the mark types and comment types to print on the in the Student Competencies section of the Student Competency Marks/Comments panel.

Preparing for Next School Year

When you are preparing to start a new school year, you must set up the appropriate options for the school year or copy the setups from the current year to the next year using the Copy Setups option (Administration > Utilities > Mass Entry & Update > Copy Setups). The following options are defined by school year.

  • Competencies
  • Competency Teacher Assignments
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