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Teacher Assignment Student Criteria Page

Use this page to assign a teacher to multiple students for the selected competency group. This page displays after you have selected to add a teacher assignment for student criteria on the Teacher Assignment Search page. For example, you could use this option to assign the reading specialist teacher for specific students for the reading competency group. You can use search criteria to create a list, enter individual students in the Student List section, or do both.


A student can only be assigned to one competency teacher for a competency group. If a student's assignment needs to be changed, you must remove the student from the previous teacher's student list before you can add the student to the new teacher's student list.


General Panel




Building for the competency group, if the group applies to an individual building.

This field displays only for competency groups defined by building.

Building Type

Building type for the competency group, if the group applies to District or State.
This field displays only for competency groups defined by district or state.

Competency Group

Code and description for the competency group.

Staff ID

Staff member who is assigned to the selected students for this competency group.

Competency Group Criteria Panel

This panel displays the criteria used to select students for the competency group. A student must meet this criteria in order to be assigned to the teacher for the competency group.

Student Selection Criteria Panel

Use this panel to select the students for which you are adding the teacher assignments. After you enter your criteria, click Load to run the search and display the results on the Student List panel.




Select the following actions as needed:


Copies the current row to a new row below it. You should modify one or more fields in this row to create a unique statement.


Adds a blank row above the current row.



Deletes the current row.

As you start a row, a blank row is added at the bottom for entering another row.



AND - to limit records retrieved to those matching only criteria specified in both rows.
OR - to return records that match the current line or the line above it.


Displays the order in which rows are evaluated.


Select the table for the field you want to use to filter records.

Field Name

Select the field you want to use to filter records.


Select the condition you want to use to filter records. The conditions available depend on the selected field's data type. For more information, refer to Search Conditions.


Enter the value you want to use to filter records. If you selected the Is In condition, enter values in a comma-delimited list.

Student List Panel

When the page displays, this panel shows the list of students who are already assigned to the teacher. To add more students based on criteria, enter a filter in the Student Selection Criteria panel, and then click Load.

You can also add a student by ID or name using the blank row at the bottom of the list.




Checked if the student should be assigned to the teacher when you click Save.

To select all students, enter a check in the Select checkbox at the top of the column.

Student ID

Student ID for student. In the bottom row, you can add a student by entering a student ID and clicking Search in the Name field of the first row.

Student Name

Student name for student. In the first row, you can add a student by clicking Search. The Student Search dialog displays, and you can search for students, select a displayed student in the Students section of the dialog, and click OK to add the student to the Selected Students panel.


Displays the student's building.


Displays the student's grade.

Primary Homeroom

Displays the student's primary homeroom number.

Secondary Homeroom

Displays the student's secondary homeroom number.

Current Staff Assignment

Displays the student's current staff assignment. If you enter a check in the Select box for a student who is already assigned to another teacher, the student's teacher assignment will be changed when you click Save.


To delete a record, select the row's Delete checkbox, then click Save.

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