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Build Student Competencies Page

On this page:

Use this page to create student competency records, so that teachers can enter marks.

  • Competency records are created for students based on the competencies that are set up, the marking periods in which marks are issued, and the filter in the competency. For more information, refer to Competency Setup Page.
  • The teacher for the competency group is assigned based on the assignments defined using the Teacher Assignment option.

If buildings in your district use Standards-Based Gradebook functionality to link student competencies with assignments, you need to run this option on a regular basis to keep teachers' student lists up to date in Teacher Access Center. Refer to Keeping Student Competency Class Lists Up to Date in TAC Gradebook for more information.

Build student competency records

  1. Select Mark Reporting > Utilities > Build Report Card Data > Build Student Competencies.
  2. Specify the calculation options.
  3. Click Run.
  4. Use the Tasks/Reports options on the Navigation bar to view task status and retrieve reports.


Check your log file for errors.



Teacher Assignment: No competency record exists for teacher assignments, no records created. This error will display for all competency groups.

Check that staff ID 0 has a building record for the building you processed. To check staff information, use the Staff option (Scheduling > Courses > Resources > Staff). If there is no building record, add the building for staff ID 0.


Prompts Panel




Select the building for creating student competency records.

Report Card Run

Select the report card run for creating student competency records.

Exclude students withdrawn from building before

The earliest withdrawal date for the inactive students for whom you want to create student competencies. Students withdrawn on or after this date will be included.

Exclude students entered into building after

The latest entry date for students for whom you want to create student competencies. Students entered after this date will be excluded.

Update existing teacher assignments for students

Checked if you want to change the teacher assignments for students who transferred from one building to another within your district.

This prompt does not affect how teacher assignments are processed for students who change homerooms or teachers within the same building. If the teacher assignment has changed, the student will be assigned to the new teacher.

Amount to Log in Statistics File

Indicates the level of detail to include in the log file.


Log Errors Only - to include errors that occur during processing in the log file.
Log All Activity - to include messages for all processing in the log file.

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