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IL ISBE ISCS Information

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This section will give you information on the prerequisites for producing the Student Course file and information on how to create the file. For file layout and mapping information, refer to the ISBE File Layouts document. For help accessing the file layouts, refer to the eSchoolPlus Illinois State Reporting Documentation section.

Students/Courses Included in ISBE ISCS File

  • Student must be or have been enrolled during the school year entered in the prompt
  • Only students with a State ID will be included
  • Only courses that have a State Course Code will be included
  • For grades 9-12, only courses with a Final grade (courses with a grade for the Final Grade Mark Type) are included. For grades K-8, send courses with a Final grade or that have "course end" field defaults set up on ISBE ISCS Term District District-Defined Page.

ISBE ISCS Information Prerequisites

  1. Make sure that courses that should be included in the file have a State Course code (see the Course Catalog section for information on this).
  2. Verify that you have entered the maximum grade value for applicable buildings on the ISBE ISCS Grade page.
  3. Update the Course Grade Crosswalk validation table. This table maps marks for final grades to Final Grade Equiv and Course Grade Equiv values.
  4. Make sure that you have updated the ISBE ISCS Information page for courses as needed.
  5. Update Single Parent or Displaced Homemaker programs for CTE students where appropriate (Registration > Entry & Reports > Student Demographic > Programs).
  6. Verify that Final Grades have been entered.
  7. If needed, use the ISBE ISCS student-course district-defined page to set overrides for Dual Credit or Articulated Credit and to exclude a course from the submission for a single student.
  8. Make sure State Code Equiv values are assigned for Marking Periods, or use the ISBE ISCS Term District District-Defined Page to set a default term to use for all 9-12 grade courses if the same term code applies for all high school classes.

Additional Grade K-8 Prerequisites

To report elementary and middle school students in the Student Course collection, you will need to create Master Schedule course-sections for the appropriate buildings, then schedule students into those courses. In addition to these fundamental steps and those listed above, follow these prerequisites before creating ISCS download records and extracts for K-8 students.

  1. If a single term value should apply to all K-8 courses, set up the appropriate value on the ISBE ISCS Term District District-Defined Page. Otherwise, make sure you have State Code Equivs set up for Marking Periods (Administration > Registration Setup > Calendars > Marking Periods).
  2. Determine how grade levels from K-8 will be sending final course grade information. You can send marks from student courses if you track this information, or you can set up specific grade levels to send either blank values or defaults on the ISBE ISCS Term District District-Defined Page. Follow the steps described in the ISBE ISCS Term section to set up K-8 grades for sending "course-end" data, including Course End Date, Course Credit, and Final Letter Grade.
  3. If you need to override a Course Final Letter Grade for a single student, use the ISCS Final Grade Override page's Course Final Letter Grade field (Registration > Entry & Reports > Student District Defined > ISCS Final Grade Override). This is a date-tracked field, so you will select the Start Date when the override applies, then use the Value field to set the override grade that will apply to all the student's courses as long as the course ends within the override field's date range.
  4. If you have grade levels that are submitting Final Letter Grades of P, R, or N, make sure you set up the IL Course Grade Crosswalk to map the letter grades to numeric Course Grade Equivs and the Final Grade Equivs that are reported in the Student Course collection's Course Final Letter Grade/Completion Status field.

ISBE ISCS Processing

If you want to send Summer School course data, you must be in the Summer School environment.

School YearThe current school year will default. Students enrolled in your district in this year will be included in the download.
Start and End DateThe system will use these dates to compare to your Marking Period dates to determine what courses should be included in the download.
Course Grade Mark TypeSelect the Mark Type for the Course Term Grade.
Final Grade Mark TypeSelect the Mark Type for the Course Final Letter Grade/Completion Status field in the file.
Log File TypeSelect PDF or CSV. If you want to be able to open the error/warning log file in a spreadsheet program, select CSV.
Update Existing RecordsChecked if you have previously Downloaded records, made changes and want to update the values in the download tables.
Download ISCS Information [STU_COURSE]Checked if you want to download ISCS information for submitting to ISBE.
Outside Course Assignment [STU_OUTCOURSE]Checked if you want to include information on outside course assignment for a student course.


  1. Go to Regulatory > ISBE > ISBE > IL Download ISCS Information to run the Download for the Student Course Assignment data.
  2. Review the log files and update data as necessary. You may also choose to review the data by Extract ISBE Submission Files.
  3. Create the Student Course Assignment file by going to Regulatory > ISBE > ISBE > IL Extract Submission Files.  On this page, select ISCS Information[STU_COURSE].
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