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Report Card Page

Use the Report Card page (Grade Reporting > Report Card) to add grades, attendance, or comment information for a class. Information entered on this page will be reported on the student's report card for the report card run/marking period.

The report card list includes student information and report card columns in which you can enter grades, comments, or attendance information for the students. The list of students is sorted in alphabetical order by student name. Information for the students enrolled for the current marking period displays when you open the page.

Add Mark Override Reasons for Report Cards
Enter Report Card Information
Load Grades from Gradebook
Print Report Cards

Fields on the Report Card Page


If this column displays, your building administrator has allowed you to override the earned credit. Typically, it is not necessary to enter earned credit in Teacher Access Center. The eSchoolPlus SIS includes an Assign Credit option that calculates earned credit based on the marks you issue students. In some districts, teachers need to enter prorated credit for courses for which the district policy is to assign credit based on student effort.

You do not need to enter credit for a student unless you know that you need to override the credit that will be calculated.

Note: Your building administrator runs the Assign Credit calculation in eSchoolPlus after marks have been entered for a marking period that your building issues credit on. Thus, this value may not reflect the credit that the student would earn upon completion of the marking period you are currently processing. For example, if your building assigns credit on the Final mark that is issued at the end of the year, the Credit value will be 0.0000 until you enter the final mark and the building administrator runs the Assign Credit calculation.


Grade that the student is earning in the course for the mark type. The names and number of mark columns which display are determined by your building's setup.

To mass update marks to clear marks or enter the same mark for students, click Mass Update Scores.

To load marks calculated based on Gradebook assignment averages, click Load from Gradebook. When you load from Gradebook, any marks that have been entered will be overwritten unless the Override box is checked. If you need to change a student's mark, you should change the student's average for the mark type in Gradebook and then load from Gradebook again. Note that your building's configuration determines whether you can override averages in Gradebook.


An override box displays next to each mark field. Enter a check in this box if no system calculations (including the Load from Gradebook option) should overwrite the mark that you enter. When you change a student's mark, this box is automatically checked, and any system calculations are now prevented from changing the value you entered. If you uncheck this box, system calculations (including the Load from Gradebook option) can overwrite the mark.

To enter a comment to explain an override, click Mark Override Reason, and enter the comment.

If you remove the check from an Override box for which a mark override reason has been entered, a window displays to confirm you want to continue since the mark override reason will be deleted. If you continue, the override reason is deleted when you save on the Report Card page.


Comment that the student received for this comment type for the marking period. For example, the comment that the student received for the Citizenship comment for marking period 1. The names and number of columns which display are determined by your building's setup.

To mass update comments to clear comments or enter the same comment for students, click Mass Update Scores.


Attendance total for student for the specific absence slot. For example, an attendance column may be used to indicate the number of days a student was tardy for your class. The names and number of columns which display are determined by your building's setup. This total may be calculated by your building administrator.

Free text comments

Free text comments can be added for each student. Click Toggle Report Card Free Text Comments On/Off on the toolbar to toggle the free text comments on/off. This opens a free text comment field for each student that displays under their marks. Up to 700 characters (as configured by your administrator) can be entered. This option only displays if enabled by your administrator.

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