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Enter Report Card Information

You can add or update report card information for the current marking period only, as determined by your building.

If you teach courses for which your school reports student marks for course competencies, you will also need to enter marks for the competencies.

Enter report card information

  1. From Grade Reporting, click Report Card to display the Report Card page.
  2. If you want to load grades from Gradebook and then change information as needed, click Load from Gradebook.
  3. Enter report card information for each student as appropriate.
    • Credit - Typically, you would not enter earned credit in Teacher Access Center. The eSchoolPlus System includes an Assign Credit option that calculates earned credit based on the marks you issue students. In some districts, teachers need to enter prorated credit for courses for which the district policy is to assign credit based on student effort. Note that this column may not display.
    • Marks - Enter the grade for the mark type. Type the desired grade, or click the down arrow to select the grade from a list of valid grades. To mass update marks, click Mass Update Scores in the column header. You can clear all marks or update either all or only blank marks with an entered value.
    • Comments - Enter the comment to assign to the student for the type of comment specified for the column. Type the comment code, or click on the down arrow to select the comment. To mass update comments, click Mass Update Scores in the column header. You can you clear all comments or update either all or only blank comments with an entered comment code value.
    • Absences - Enter the total number of days the student missed your class for the type of absence specified for the column.
  4. To enter free text comments, click Toggle Report Card Free Text Comments On/Off on the toolbar to open a free text comment field under each student's marks. Enter text. To check spelling, click Spell Check.
    If the option to toggle comments on and off does not display, your district has not enabled free text comments for report cards. If free text comments are allowed, the number of characters permitted is configured by your administrator (up to a maximum of 700).
  5. Click Save.
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