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IPR Average Tab Field Descriptions

Use this tab to view or change the IPR average setup that is used to calculate the mark(s) to post to IPR marks for the course. This tab does not display if a competency group is selected. If your administrator has configured TAC to allow teachers to override weights for averages, you can change the weights for the categories that are averaged to calculate the IPR mark(s).

If your school has assigned a Gradebook category type to the selected course, you may not be able to edit fields on the page. Category types allow your school to pre-define the Gradebook rules for courses. For more information, refer to What Is a Gradebook Category Type?

Gradebook > Setup > Select IPR Average tab

Set Up IPR Averages

Mark Type

Select the IPR mark that you want to view. The list of marks only includes mark types that are defined to receive gradebook averages.


Select if you want to do any or of the following:

    • Override the weights for the categories averaged for the mark
    • Select the categories to include in the average
    • Change the number of scores to drop
    • Specify how missing scores should be handled.

This option is not active if it has been disabled by your building administrator.


Determines whether averages for categories are rounded or truncated.
Your building administrator can turn this field off if teachers should not change the calculation option. If the field does not display, averages are rounded.

Note: If a student is assigned a Gradebook scale, the average for a mark is not rounded or truncated. This setting will not affect how marks are returned from the Gradebook scale.

Category Weights

You can only access this section if the Override is selected for the mark type that is displayed.


Select if you want to include the category in the average for the mark that is displayed. If Override is not selected, Include will always be selected for the category

If a checkmark displays without a checkbox, then you can't change the value.  For example, you can't change the Include selections for categories if you haven't selected Override for the mark.


Category code and description.  Only the categories you selected on the Categories tab are listed.


The relative weight of this category when calculating the average for the mark.

Use the icons in the Actions column to edit this value. This field can only be changed if Override is selected and your administrator has not limited teachers to pre-defined category weights.

Drop Lowest

Number of lowest scores to drop from the average for the category.  For example, if you drop the two lowest scores and the student missed one assignment and got a 50 out of a 100 on another assignment, these two scores would be dropped and would not affect the student's average for the category.

The lowest score is determined as the lowest percentage score; not the lowest number. For example, if a student got 4 out of 5 on a quiz and 30 out of 100 on a test and you drop only one score, the 30 out of 100 assignment would be dropped.

Scores are not dropped until you have entered one more score than the number entered at the Drop Lowest field.

Your building administrator can set this option and not permit teacher changes.

Use the icons in the Actions column to edit the number of lowest scores to drop for a category.

Exclude Missing

Determines whether missing scores should count as zero or be excluded from the average. A score is considered missing when at least one student in the class has a score for the assignment.

Your building administrator can set this option and not permit teacher changes.

Use the icons in the Actions column to change how missing assignments affect the average.


Percentage that the category represents in the average for the mark. This value may be the same as the value entered in Weight. If you are not using percentages to weight categories, it will be different from the Weight. For example, if Homework is assigned a weight of 1 and Test is assigned a weight of 2, the value in the Percent column for Homework would be 33 and Tests will be 66.

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