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Student Information Bar

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The Student Information bar displays on all student pages in eSchoolPlus, for example, Registration's Personal page or Scheduling's Request page. The bar, located below the Home icon on the eSchoolPlus banner, combines several features to help you navigate between students and access important information identifying the current student.


Following are brief descriptions of the features on the Student Information bar:

Student Navigation Tool

Displays the current student and includes Previous and Next arrows for advancing from student to student when creating or updating records in a page. The students available for navigation are defined in the Student Search page.

Critical Alert Bar

Displays information of crucial concern to all users working with a student. This bar displays automatically when you first access a student's records.

Student Detail Bar

Displays a photo and basic details on the current student. To display additional details, click the navigation arrows on the left and right sides.

Using the icons on the top right of the bar, you can add and access notes and attachments. You also can initiate emails.

To display the bar after retrieving a student's records, click the

 (Expand) icon next to the Student Navigation tool. Clicking the icon again hides the bar.

Student Alerts

Enable you to view alerts for the following types of student information, depending on your building's configuration: academic, medical, personal, special education, and custom defined. Clicking an alerts icon displays a window providing specifics on the alert.

Student Navigation Tool

The Student Navigation tool includes the current student's name, arrows for navigating between students, and the current student's identification number. The Expand-Collapse button to the left of the navigation tool displays the Student Detail bar as described below.

You can select the students available for navigation by running a search on the Student Search page (click the Search button either at the top of a student page or next to the Quick Search field). After generating a list and selecting a student, you can view or update the student's information on the current page. You now can use the navigation tool to advance from student to student in the order defined by your search

If you save your search criteria as a favorite, the same set of students will be available whenever you need to work with them. Meanwhile, the current set of students and the related search criteria remain available until you run another search. For additional information on searching for students, refer to Student Search.

Depending on how you selected the current student, you can use the navigation tool to step through a series of students when adding records or updating a page:

  • If you used Student Search to select the current set of students, the
    Previous Student and
    Next Student buttons will access the previous and next students found in your search. The order in which students display depends on the sort order you defined in the search. When you change pages, the current student continues to display for the new page.
  • If you used Quick Search to select the current student and the student was not included in your last search results, the Previous and Next buttons will be disabled, in which case they will display in light gray, for example:
    However, if the student you selected in Quick Search was among those found in your most recent search, then the buttons remain enabled. This allows you to use Quick Search to return to a student you viewed previously or advance to a student "out of turn" without having to click through a series of students.

If needed, you can view the name and ID of the previous or next student by positioning the pointer over the respective button. For example:

In this case, the next student whose data will display is Andrew T. Adelphia. When you reach the last student found in your search, the

Next Student button will be disabled, but the
Previous Student button will remain enabled.

Critical Alert Bar

The Critical Alert bar displays alerts for a student that should be brought to the attention of all users who can access the student's records. For example, a critical alert could address a significant health-related condition, a special accommodation that applies to the student, and other issues of importance.

The alert displays as a red bar below the Student Navigation Tool. You also can display the alert's information by positioning the pointer over the message. For example:

If a critical alert is available for a student, the bar displays immediately when you select the student. To close the bar, click the

Close button.

Critical alerts are set up on the Student Notes page. You can add multiple critical alerts for a student, each of which will display on the bar separated by a semi-colon.

Student Detail Bar

The Student Detail bar displays the student's photo (if available), as well as supplementary information, including the student's grade level, status, enrollment building, birthdate/age, house/team, home room, and secondary homeroom. Only four of these field display at a time. To view additional fields, use the bar's navigation arrows.

In addition the student information, the detail bar includes icons for accessing comments on the student and for sending emails to the student's parents and teachers. For additional information on these icons, refer below.

To display the Student Detail bar (if it is hidden), click the

(Expand) button to the left of the Student Navigation tool, just below the
(Home) icon. If a critical alert is displayed for the student, the background of the detail bar will be pink; otherwise, the background is white.

Notes Icon

The Notes icons display as follows:

(Add Comment)

Indicates that no notes are available for the student. To add a note, click the icon to display the Student Notes window.

(View/Edit Comments)

Indicates one or more notes are available for the student. To view the list of notes, click the icon, which displays the Student Notes window.

For more information, refer to Student Notes Page.

Attachments Icon

The Attachments icons display as follows:


Indicates that no attachments are available for the student.


Indicates one or more attachments are available for the student.

Clicking an icon displays the Student Attachments window, where you can upload, download, and delete attachment files.

The types of files that can be attached are defined in the Registration District Configuration page. For example, the configuration could limit attachments to files with.docx, and.pdf extensions. The configuration also determines the maximum number of attachments per student, as well as the maximum size allowed per file.

For more information, refer to Student Attachments Window.

Email Icon

To generate an email, click the

(Email) icon. A drop-down menu displays:

Select an option from the menu to identify the email's recipients. The inclusion of teachers and parents depends on having their email addresses stored in your database.

Today's Teachers

Selects all primary and homeroom teachers on the student's schedule for today.

All Teachers

Selects all teachers assigned to the student.

All Teachers And Parents

Selects all teachers and the student's parents.


Selects only the student's parents.

After you select an option, an email window opens. Teacher addresses, if selected, will appear in the email's To field. For privacy purposes, parents' addresses display in the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) field, which allows recipients to see their addresses but not those of other recipients.

For more information, refer to Emailing Students' Teachers and Guardians.

Student Alerts

Depending on your building's Registration Building Configuration, the following types of alerts can be set up for students:

Indicates the student has an alert for an academic alert type. The student may have an at risk status, be ineligible for activities, or have a student success plan.

Indicates the student has an alert for a medical alert type. The student may have medical alerts, disabilities, or Section 504 information of which the user should be aware.

Indicates the student has an alert for a personal comment type. The student has a comment entered on the Personal Information page of which the user should be aware.

Indicates the student has an alert for a special education alert type. The student may have a classification or may be designated as having an IEP.

Indicates the student has an alert that was custom defined for your building.

  Clicking an icon displays an alerts window. For example:

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