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How Can I Check if a Master Schedule Is Successful?

You can run several options in eSchoolPlus to compare your Master Schedule and student needs to determine if your Master Schedule is in good shape.

  1. Run the Seat Availability report (Scheduling > Student Schedules > Pre-Scheduler Reports > Seat Availability). Use the needed seat threshold information to identify where you do not have enough seats. You can run the report for a specific threshold if you only want to check certain courses.
  2. Run the Class Matrix report (Scheduling > Student Schedules > Post-Scheduler Reports > Class Matrix). Analyze one marking period at a time to identify if you are offering enough courses by grade level.
  3. Run the Course Enrollment Load report (Scheduling > Student Schedules > Post-Scheduler Reports > Course Enrollment Load). This report shows the course load based on course requests and the sections created in the Master Schedule. You can use the seat count and conflict information to identify whether or not you may want to move a section.
  4. Run the Scheduler Error Scan (Scheduling > Student Schedules > Student Scheduler > Scheduler Error Scan) throughout the process.

For additional information, refer to Master Schedule Page.

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