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Home Access Center Overview

Home Access Center (HAC) allows students and guardians in your district to access a wide range of student data, from demographics and test scores to classwork assignments and scheduling information.

Students and contacts designated as guardians can be granted access to HAC in the following eSchoolPlus pages:

  • Students -Student Addresses page
  • Guardians - Contact page for each of their students

Your district can determine the information that can be viewed or edited by students and guardians in HAC. In addition, HAC pages can be translated into multiple languages. For information, refer to Using Alternate Languages in Home Access Center.

HAC Menu Options

The following pages can be accessed using the menu in the HAC banner. The pages available to students and guardians are specified on a building-by-building basis in the Home Access Center Building Configuration, which also allows defining the features on certain pages. Additional settings for using HAC are determined on a district-wide basis in the HAC District Configuration.


Week View

Displays a student's attendance, scheduling, assignment, and behavior information for the current week. Previous and future weeks can also be displayed. Links are provided for viewing details on individual courses, accessing student fee information, and emailing teachers.


Displays a month-view of the student's attendance, scheduling, assignment, and behavior information, as well as activities and events. Checkboxes are provided for the user to configure the type of information that displays, while buttons are included for changing the calendar to a daily or week view. Previous and future months can also be displayed.

School Links

Displays links that can be created in the HAC building configuration to enable guardians and students to access other resources within or outside your district.


Month View

Displays a month-view of the student's attendance that can be toggled to access all months within the current school year. A color legend identifies the type of attendance displayed. Users can place the mouse pointer over a day to view more detailed information on absences and tardies.



Displays course assignments, including the dates assigned, due dates, categories, potential points, and scores for the Gradebook assignments available in a class. You can also include the class average for each assignment. When assignments are ordered by class, class average information is shown below the student's list of assignments.

Teachers can select whether an assessment and its score should be published for HAC. In addition, you can choose to include the unpublished assignments in the student's averages for a course.

Career Plan

Displays the student's progress toward fulfilling course and credit requirements for graduation and supplemental plans, based on the eSchoolPlus Student Career Planner page. Depending on the HAC building configuration, guardians and students can enter course requests for future years, using the student's plan requirements as a guide in determining the courses that are needed.


Displays the student's schedule for the entire year. Dropped courses may also be displayed. You can also select to display the list of requests for the next school year in a separate section at the bottom of the page. Links are provided for viewing detailed course information and sending emails to teachers.


Displays subject areas or departments for the building, depending on the building configuration, and allows guardians and students to select courses as requests for the next school year. A separate section lists the student's graduation requirements to assist with the requests if requests are entered by subject area. The credits for requested courses are tracked and can be compared against the required credits.


Interim Progress Report

Displays the student's most recent interim progress report, including courses, marks, and comments for a progress report run. If comments were entered for the student, a comment legend displays below the course information. In addition, users can select to view previous progress report runs for the current year for which the data warehouse is available.

To display progress information in HAC, you must generate the data warehouse for the progress report run.

Report Cards

Displays information from the student's most recent report card run. The page's information is defined in the Report Card View Setup for the report card run. However, not all report card information from the view displays. Instead, the page lists selected marks, comments, and absences related to the student's courses.

Additional information from the view can include the sum of earned credits for the report card run, class rank, and current, semester, and cumulative credits and GPA's. If comments were entered for the student, a comment legend appears below the report card information. In addition, users can select to view any previous report card run for the current year for which the data warehouse is available.

To display report card information in HAC, you must generate the data warehouse for the report card run.

You can also include a PDF of the most recent report card report. When you print report cards, select the Home Access Center Upload checkbox. For more information, refer to Print Report Cards Page.


Displays the student's transcript information based on the Transcript data warehouse. If your district has defined multiple views for transcripts to group courses differently (Yearly, Term, Report Card Run, or Subject Area), users can select the view to display.

The transcript provides information based on the Transcript View Setup, though not all transcript information from the view displays. Instead, the page lists selected marks and absences for courses. The following items also can display, depending on how the view is set up: sum of credits for the course group, GPA for the course group, and the GPA and class rank for the selected GPA type.

To display transcript information in HAC, you must generate the data warehouse for transcripts.

Student Data Exchange

Provides access to Student Data Exchange. To use this option, your district must have a license for P-20 Student Data Exchange.

Test Scores

Displays all standardized test scores stored for the student in the eSchoolPlus Test Scores options.

(State Specific) Test Scores

Displays all standardized test scores for a specific state's students stored in the state's student portal. This is integrated with the SSO feature to access the state-related information. Parents will be able to access their students’ results for the Texas Assessment Program directly, bypassing the Family Portal login page. There are English and Spanish version links of the state-specific Student Portal to access the details.

Student Support


Displays all behavior incidents involving the student. The information includes the type of incident, category, location, date and time, and the student's roles, such as offender, victim, or witness. Additional information on the incident can be viewed by clicking a link to display a pop-up window.

If you store incidents for prior years, HAC can display these incidents as well. However, users cannot view any behavior information about other students who were involved.

Success Plan

Displays a list of the success plans that have been created for the student. The user can click a plan's date to display detailed information, such as the reasons the plan was created and the interventions, goals, and objectives that have been entered. The HAC building configuration enables you to select whether sensitive plan information can be displayed.



Displays the student's basic demographic information, including date of birth, gender, grade, building, house/team, and counselor. You can select to include additional information, such as contact information, student and guardian addresses and phone numbers, medical emergency information, transportation to and from school, and sensitive information from the Personal page.

If desired, you can allow guardians and students to update emergency information, phone number, email addresses, and the student's FERPA settings.

Update Registration

Displays update forms guardians can use to change the student's information, depending on whether your district uses Enrollment Online.


Allows guardians and students to view student fees and balances. The payment information shown is generated in eSchoolPlus. Additionally, balances due can be paid through HAC using FrontStream Payments, a third-party payment system, provided the service is available in your district.

User Options

My Alerts

Allows guardians and students to subscribe to alerts your district has set up for sending emails on attendance, behavior incidents, course averages, classwork, progress reports, and report cards. The alerts are selected, scheduled, and defined in the HAC building configuration.

For example, an attendance alert could be set up to send emails when students are absent on the current date. To receive the emails, guardians and students would have to subscribe to attendance alerts in HAC and their email addresses would have to be stored in eSchoolPlus.

My Account

Allows guardians and students to change their HAC passwords and modify the challenge questions that are asked when users forget their passwords.


Closes the current HAC session, and returns the user to the Log On page.

Change Student

Allows guardians who have two or more students to display a pop-up window for selecting another student.

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