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Checklist for Verifying Test Score Import Definition

Prior to running the Import Scores from File option, review the following list of questions to check that your import definition has been defined correctly.

If you are using the Run Upload to load test scores, refer to Checklist for Verifying Upload Definition for Test Score Data.

  • If the data file does not include student ID and you are using external matching to return the student ID, do you have enough fields in the data file to uniquely select a student? Typically, last name, first name, and birthdate are sufficient to return unique student IDs.
  • If you specified the test date as a literal in the import definition, did you verify that the date is correct for the test scores that you are loading? This is a literal that you will need to change if you run the import to load scores for the same test key, but for a different test date.
    Note that if you do not define the test date as part of the import definition, then you can enter the test date when you run the Test Score Import.
  • For each subtest score, have you defined the score code exactly as it is defined in the subtest definition?
  • If your data file is fixed length, double check your addition to make sure the lengths you have entered will result in the correct positions in the data file layout. For example, a data file position of 150-152 should have a length of 3, not 2.
  • If the score data may have leading blanks, have you added the appropriate formatting?
  • If there are fields for which you had to define formatting? If so, is that formatting defined correctly?
  • If data should be validated before being loaded, have you entered the appropriate validation information?
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