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The PIMS Course downloads include Course, Course Instructor, Staff Student Subtest, and Staff Student Course.


  1. Make sure that the information on the PIMS Course page is updated for courses that you are reporting to the State.
  2. Make sure that courses have the correct State Course (see the Course Catalog section for more information on maintaining this data).
  3. Make sure students who have added or dropped courses have the correct Add/Drop dates for the course.
  4. Be sure to enter a date range to cover the ENTIRE school year, otherwise courses that begin after the range end date may be skipped.
  5. Verify dates have been entered in the Evaluation Group validation table. These must be manually entered since testing dates vary by school district. If overrides for dates are necessary for individual course sections, use the PIMS Course page to set an override date. Refer to the PA State Reporting Validation Tables section for more information.
  6. Verify all state courses are updated on the State Courses List validation table. Refer to the PA State Reporting Validation Tables section for more information on how to verify current state courses.
  7. Verify all primary and secondary teachers are set up for each course section. Refer to the Staff Data for PA State Reporting section and Primary Staff and Secondary Staff Tracking sections for information.
  8. Verify state code equivalents have been entered for Marking Periods (Administration > Registration Setup > Calendars > Marking Periods). If state code equivs are not entered, the download will not process.

Course Instructor

If a course does not have any students enrolled in it, it will not be included in the download.

For staff to be reported in the Course Instructor template Primary Instructor ID field, the staff must either have a Staff State ID on the Staff District Information > Staff Information panel, or else you must enter the PIMS Course > Teacher of Record field data for the course.

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