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PIMS Course

Menu path: Select Scheduling from the main menu, select Courses submenu, select Course Sections, and then select PIMS Course.

This option is also available at the District Courses and Building Courses levels.


Course Length

No longer submitted

Select to indicate that the course is an Honors course.

PIMS Course


Select the appropriate State Semester type.

PIMS Course/Course Instructor/Student Course

Req Grad

Select if the course is required for graduation.

PIMS Course

Dual Credit

Select if the State Course Code on the Course Catalog record for the course is one of the dual enrollment codes.

PIMS Course

Advanced Placement

Select if the course is an Advanced Placement course.

PIMS Course


Select if the course is intended for Gifted students.

PIMS Course

Intl Baccalaureate

Select if the course is part of an International Baccalaureate program.

PIMS Course


Select the primary language of instruction for the course.

PIMS Course Instructor

Course Delivery

Select the Course Delivery method. Defaults to Code 0340 if none is selected.

PIMS Student Course

Teacher of Record

Select the staff member if you want to report a different instructor to the State than is listed as the Primary Staff on the Master Schedule record.

PIMS Course

Alternate TeacherNo longer submitted
Course Minutes OverrideEnter the override for total possible minutes available in the school year for the course if required.
Keystone/PSSA Assessment DateThis field acts as an override to the Keystone/PSSA Assessment Dates found in the Evaluation Group in the PA State Reporting Validation Tables section. Use this field if the selected course section has a different assessment date than other sections within a single course. It is recommended that this field only be used for exceptions.
Course Assessment OverrideSelect the override for the Keystone course assessment for the course if required.
Assessment Subtest OverrideSelect the override for the assessment subtest for the course if required.
Select the override for the Keystone end of course exam for the course if required.
College Credits EarnedEnter the college credits earned with completion of the dual credit course.
Organization Defining CourseSelect the AUN of entity with Dual Credit Agreement. The Dual Credit Agreements are between the School Entities and Institutions of Higher Education.

The Teacher of Record and Alternate Teacher fields can serve as an override for the Course Instructor download. These fields will be retained when schedules are copied from year-to-year. It is a good practice to review/remove these fields from the PIMS Course page before a year-end copy to avoid these overrides being in place.

Additional Information

For dual credit courses, you can select the Dual Credit Pass Override option on the PIMS Dual Credit Course page (menu path: from the Scheduling menu, select the Student Schedules submenu, select Student, and then select Schedule Entry. You must select the dual credit course from the listed student course details to open the Student Course page. Expand the Other Student Course Information pane to click the PIMS Dual Credit Curse page.)

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