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Staff Student Course Collection and Linkage Duration Adjustment

eSchoolPlus provides several ways to track the Staff Student Course collection's Linkage Duration Adjustment field for primary staff, co-teachers, and secondary staff working on a push-in/pull-out basis. Following is a summary of the options available to you.

For primary staff and secondary staff co-teachers

You can set the Use 1 for Primary Adjustment box to checked on the NY State Information building district-defined page. This means Linkage Duration Adjustment will always be 1 for primary staff/co-teachers, unless there is a staff or student-level override.


You can leave the Use 1 for Primary Adjustment box unchecked. In this case, your primary staff and co-teachers have Linkage Duration Adjustment calculated by the Teacher Course Download, unless either a staff or student override value exists.

To set a Linkage Duration Adjustment override at the staff or student level, follow these steps:

  1. Determine whether you have courses where you want to override the Linkage Duration Adjustment calculation with a value you specify for primary teachers and co-teachers.
  2. Access Master Schedule Course Information for the appropriate courses (Scheduling > Courses > Course Sections > Master Schedule).
  3. Open the Staff Date Tracking page for the Primary Staff member (Primary Staff link), and update the Primary Teacher Adjustment with the override value. This value will be used for all students in the course, unless you choose to set up a student-level override in Step 5.
  4. If the course has any Secondary Staff set up as a co-teacher, use the Secondary Staff link to access Staff Date Tracking, and update the co-teacher's Primary Teacher Adjustment with the override. This does not apply to secondary staff with the push-in/pull-out setup. As was the case for the primary teacher's override value, the co-teacher's entry applies to all students in the course as long as no student override exists as described in Step 5.
  5. You can set student-level overrides for the Linkage Duration Adjustment. You can do this in a case where either a teacher override is set, in which case, the student value takes priority, or you can use the student value to override the system-calculated value for courses where there is no Staff Date Tracking override set.

To set a student-level override, select Scheduling > Student Schedules > Schedule Entry > click the appropriate Course-Section description > Date Range Detail panel > Other Student Course Information section > NY Course Override. Enter the Primary Teacher Adjustment value. This will apply to primary staff and any co-teacher.

For secondary staff set up as push-in/pull-out teachers

You can have push-in/pull-out staff Linkage Duration Adjustment calculated based on the NY State Information page's Pull Out Minutes Format field and setup described below, or you can override the calculation. To set a staff-level override:

  1. Open Master Schedule Course Information for the appropriate course-section (Scheduling > Courses > Course Sections > Master Schedule).
  2. Click the Secondary Staff link.
  3. For the push-in/pull-out staff member, set the override in one of the following ways:
    • Enter a Push-In/Pull-Out Time Override that will apply to all students linked to the staff member. Make sure you enter the override based on the Pull Out Minutes Format from the NY Building Information district-defined page.
    • Check the Push-In/Pull-Out Full-Time box for the staff member. This sets Linkage Duration Adjustment to 1 for all linked students.
  4. Make sure the staff member is associated with the appropriate students on the Staff Student Course Linking page (Scheduling > Courses > Course Sections > Student Linking).
    • Check the box next to each student served by the push-in/pull-out teacher. Give each student a Start Date.
    • If the staff member's Full-Time box is not checked, you can make an entry for a student in the Minutes of Responsibility field. Only do this if you need a value for a specific student differing from the Staff Date Tracking override set in Step 3.

Important: In a case where a push-in/pull-out teacher is set up with the Full Time box checked, the Linkage Duration Adjustment for course-section session primary staff and co-teachers will be 0.

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