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Adding secondary Staff as a Push-In or Pull-Out Teacher

Scheduling > Courses > Course Sections > Master Schedule

A push-in/pull-out teacher is a staff member who is responsible for a portion of the students in a course-section for a portion of the instructional time. The term is based on the idea that the teacher either is "pushed into" the classroom or "pulls students out of" the classroom, figuratively speaking.

To set up a Secondary Staff member as a push-in/pull-out teacher:

  1. Access the appropriate course-section in the Master Schedule.
  2. In the Session Information section, click the Secondary Staff link.
  3. In the Staff Date Tracking dialog:
    • Select the Staff member acting as the push-in/pull-out teacher, and enter a Start Date
    • If the teacher provides the same number of minutes for all associated students in the course-section session, enter the appropriate value in the Push In/Pull Out Time Override field. You may still enter a Minutes value for an individual student in Step 7 in a case where a student needs a value differing from the staff-level override.
    • If you want the staff member to have a Linkage Duration Adjustment of 1 for all associated students, check the Push-In/Pull Out Full Time box. In this case, do not enter a Push In/Pull Out Time Override, and skip Step 7.
    • If this teacher needs to be reported with a course different than the state course for the Master Schedule course-section, you can assign the appropriate Course in the Staff Date Tracking page. Leave the Course field blank if the Staff Student Course file should get the state course tied to the Master Schedule record.
    • If the staff member serves as the primary special education instructor, select the Special Education Instructor box.
    • Use the Primary Delivery Method to indicate whether the course is online, face-to-face, distance learning, or taught via blended delivery.
    • If the staff member serves as an ENL (English as a New Language) instructor for the course, select the ENL Instructor box.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Select Scheduling > Courses > Course Sections > Student Staff Course Linking.
  6. Check the associated box for each student served by the Secondary Staff member, and assign a relationship Start Date for each student.
  7. If the staff member does not have a uniform minute value for all associated students, you need to enter the appropriate Minutes of Responsibility value for each student. Your entry depends on the course building's Pull Out Minutes Format configuration. Refer to the table following this procedure.
  8. Click Save.

The following table lists the settings for the NY State Information page's Pull Out Minutes Format field with explanations of how each setting affects your entries on the Staff Student Course Linking page:

Pull Out Minutes Format

Minutes of Responsibility field on Student Linking

A – Adjustment

Enter percentage of time student is with teacher (50% entered as .5)

T – Total time

Enter total minutes student is served by teacher for entire course

C – By cycle

Enter minutes in a single cycle student gets instruction from secondary

W – By week

Enter minutes in a calendar week student gets instruction from secondary.

For this calculation, a cycle is determined by first finding the Cycle Day associated with the first membership attendance day in the appropriate Calendar (student's Entry/Withdrawal calendar). A cycle is then the span of membership attendance days from the first occurrence of that Cycle Day to the next one. If a student-teacher association begins in the middle of a cycle, the download considers the first cycle to be the span from the Relationship Start Date to the next occurrence of the cycle start identified in the calendar. 

A week is any calendar week the course meets and the student-teacher relationship exists which also contains at least one membership attendance day.

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