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Adding Secondary Staff as a Co-Teacher

Scheduling > Courses > Course Sections > Master Schedule

To assign a Secondary Staff member as a co-teacher:

  1. Access the appropriate course-section in the Master Schedule.
  2. In the Session Information section, click the Secondary Staff link.
  3. In the Staff Date Tracking dialog, select the Staff member serving as co-teacher for the course-section session, and enter a Start Date.
  4. Check the Co-Teacher box for the staff member.
  5. If the staff member serves as the primary special education instructor, select the Special Education Instructor box.
  6. Use the Primary Delivery Method to indicate whether the course is online, face-to-face, distance learning, or taught via blended delivery.
  7. If the staff member serves as an ENL (English as a New Language) instructor for the course, select the ENL Instructor box.
  8. Click Save. At this point, the staff member has co-teacher status.

For information on setup related to the Linkage Duration Adjustment, refer to the above section on Primary Staff and Co-Teachers.

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