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Run the Gradebook Assignment Averages Report

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Use this procedure to display a graphical representation of the average score or percentage correct for assignments. You can use this report to compare the class averages to a student's averages to see how a student is progressing in relation to the rest of the class. You can graph assignment averages as a bar chart or a line graph. You can also select to display a 3-D version of each graph.

The graph displays 15 assignments per page. Below the graph, there is a list of the assignments included, the student's scores (if running for an individual student), and the class average for the assignment.

If you run this report in the SBGB Detail mode, the report will include all assignments for the selected competency.

Run the Assignment Averages report

  1. From Gradebook, click Entry to display the Gradebook Entry page.
  2. If you are in SBGB Summary Mode, click
     for GB Entry mode or
     for SBGB Detail mode on the mode selector
  3. If you need to update the class or marking period, click Change to display the Class List, and make your selections.
  4. On the Gradebook page:
    • If you want to print the report for a specific category or mark, make your selection from appropriate filter.
    • If you want to print the report for a competency, click
       from the Gradebook mode selector
       to enter SBGB Detail mode. Select the competency from the Competencies filter and the mark type from the Marks filter.
    • Only assignments included in the selected category, mark, or competency will be included on the Assignment Averages report.
    • If you want to run the report for one student, click the row number for the student, and then enter a check in the Selected Student Only box in the Assignment Averages Chart Report Options pop-up window.
  5. Select Actions/Reports > Assignment Average to display the Assignment Averages Chart Report Options pop-up window.
  6. Specify the information that you want to include on the report. Refer to Report Options below for more details.
  7. Click Run. The report will open. You can then view, print, or save to your computer. Additionally, the PDF file is saved automatically to your report directory and can be accessed from the Home page.



Click to open the save settings menu.

    • Save Current Settings - Click to save the current display settings. Once saved, these settings will remain in effect if you leave and return to this page.
    • Restore Default Settings - Click to restore settings to their TAC default.

Report Options

Selected Student Only

Check to include the student's average as well as the class average. This option only displays if you selected a single student before launching the Assignment Averages Chart Report Options pop-up window. If you uncheck this box, only the class average will be included on the graph.

Show Withdrawn Students

Select to determine if withdrawn students are included in the calculation.

Values Basis

Select whether you want to graph the average points or average percentage.

Chart Type

Select the type of graph you want to use to analyze assignment averages. You can select to display the graph as a bar chart, line graph, 3-D bar chart, or 3-D line graph.

Class Average Color

Select the color in which you want to display the class averages.

Student Score Color

Select the color in which you want to display the student's averages. You can only access this field if you checked the Selected Student Only checkbox.

Start Date

Enter the date of the due date for the first assignment you want to graph. The first day of the marking period defaults.

End Date

Enter the date of the due date for the last assignment you want to graph. If you selected a category tab, a mark tab, the All tab, the Competencies tab, or a report card mark tab, the current system date defaults. If you selected an IPR tab, the IPR date defaults.

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