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Change Class, Marking Period, or Dates

To switch classes, click Change on TAC pages that relate to a specific course. Depending on the page, you can also change the marking period, attendance date, or IPR date.

The toolbar of the Class List window displays options relevant to the page from which it was opened. Options that display are as in the following table.

Toolbar Option


Show All

When selected, show all classes assigned to me. When not selected, only show courses that have students enrolled and meet in the current marking period and cycle day.

Attendance Date

Select desired date from drop-down menu. Your district determines which dates to display.

Marking Period

Select desired marking period from drop-down menu.

IPR Date

If desired, select the IPR date.

Next to a class, you may see one of these indicators.

Not Selectable icon

Not selectable: This icon displays when Show All is checked, but the class is not selectable for the current time period.

Multi-class icon

Multi-class: The class shares the same period and room with other classes.

To make class or date Or period changes:

  1. Click the Change button on the toolbar to open the Class List dialog.

  2. If you want to change the Marking Period, IPR Date, or Attendance date, select:

    • The desired Marking Period for the Gradebook, Gradebook Setup, and Competency Entry pages.

    • The desired Attendance Date for attendance pages.

    • The desired IPR date for the Interim Progress Report page.

  3. If you want to change the class, click a row to select the new class.

  4. Click OK.

Note: To save time and keystrokes, you can double-click the class in Step 3 to both select it and close the dialog window.

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