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Run Student Averages Report (Printable)

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Use this procedure to display the averages for a class and select what information you would like to include for students. You can also export this information to Excel. The options on the Prompts tab of the Averages pop-up determine what information is displayed.

The Student Averages option is only available in the GB Entry mode while in Single class mode.

Print Student Averages

  1. From Gradebook, click Entry to display the Gradebook Entry page.

  2. If you are in SBGB Summary Mode or SBGB Detail mode, click

     on the mode selector

  3. If you need to update the class or marking period, click Change to display the Class List, and make your selections.

  4. Select the mark you want to print from the Categories and Marks filter.

  5. On the Actions/Reports drop-down field, select Student Averages to display the Student Averages pop-up window.

  6. From the Prompts tab, select the information you want to print. Report options are shown below this procedure.

  7. Click Run. The report will display on the Report tab.

  8. Use your browser's print function to print the report, or click

    to save the report to an Excel file. Additionally, the PDF file is saved automatically to your report directory and can be accessed from the Home page.

  9. Click Close.



Click to open the save settings menu.


Show Student Names

Select how you want students to be identified. You can select:

Real Names - to display the full name for students as entered in eSchoolPlus. Students display in alphabetical order.

Aliases - to display the alias you assigned students and order students based on the order entered on the Class Roster page.

None - to not display a name or alias. Students display in numeric order by student ID.

Show Student ID

Check if you want to show the student ID numbers. If you select the None option for the Show Student Name field, you cannot change the value of this field.

Show Withdrawn Students

Select how you want to display Gradebook information for students who withdrew from the course. You can select:

None - to not display information for withdrawn students.

Alphabetical - to sort withdrawn students in alphabetical order with active students.

Grouped - to sort withdrawn students at the bottom of the list of students.

Include History

Check if you want to show the marks the students received for prior marking periods. Note that the history shows the mark the student has in Report Cards, not the gradebook average. The Include History box will not display if you are displaying the first marking period of the course.

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