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Override Competency Averages in Gradebook

Use this procedure to override competency averages in the gradebook. Competency grades are displayed in the Grade column when the Gradebook is in SBGB Detail mode. The competency Grade is calculated from the corresponding value in the Average column (this column's heading may also display as Max, Recent, Power Law, or Manual - refer to Entering Gradebook Scores in SBGB Detail Mode for more details). If your building administrator has enabled teachers to override averages in Gradebook, you can change a student's competency Grade from its system-calculated value. When you change a value in the Grade column, you are overriding system calculations. Grades that have been overridden display in bold on the Gradebook page.

Effect of Overriding the Competency Grade Value

If you override a competency grade value, the Grade that is loaded from Gradebook to report cards will be based on the overridden value you entered. Once you set an override value, the system no longer updates the competency's Grade when you change or add assignment scores. For this reason, we recommend that you do not override a competency Grade until you are ready to load marks from Gradebook.

You can delete a competency's overridden Grade value at any point, and the system will recalculate the Grade based on the current assignment scores entered. For more information, refer to Deleting an Average or Competency Grade Override.

Override the grade for a competency

  1. From Gradebook, click Entry to display the Gradebook Entry page.

  2. Click

     from the Gradebook mode selector
     to enter SBGB Detail mode.

  3. If you need to update the class or marking period, click Change, and make your selections.

  4. Select the competency and mark type to display in the Competencies and Marks filters.

  5. Click on the Grade you want to change.

  6. Enter the new value.

  7. When finished:

    • If you've enabled Auto Saving, you're done. For more information about Auto Saving, refer to the Settings topic in the online help system.

    • Otherwise, click Save.

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