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Mass Enter Gradebook Assignment Scores

Use this procedure to mass enter scores for a gradebook assignment. Scores can be mass updated either from the Gradebook Entry page or from the Assignment Detail page. The advantage of using the Assignment Detail page is that it allows you to enter comments for each score (on the Gradebook Entry page, you must open a comment dialogue for each score to enter a comment). This procedure lets you select either page.

Mass enter assignment scores

  1. From
     Gradebook, select Entry to display the Gradebook Entry page.
  2. If you are in SBGB Summary Mode, click
     for GB Entry mode or
     for SBGB Detail mode on the mode selector
  3. If you need to update the class or marking period, click Change to display the Class List pop-up, and make your selections.
  4. If the assignment is not displayed on the assignment header, select the appropriate category or mark type in the Competencies and Marks filters or the Categories and Marks filter.
    • If the assignment header displays
      , the assignment is graded by rubric, and scores cannot be mass-updated using the steps below. Refer to Rubric Score Entry for information on mass entering rubric scores.
  5. If you want to use the Assignment Details Entry page, click
     on the header of the assignment you want to update to open the Assignment Detail page.
  6. On the header of the assignment you want to update (or on the Score header if you are on the Assignment Detail page), click
     to display the mass update options.
    • If
       displays in a cell or group of cells, scores cannot be entered in these cells because the assignment is associated with a rubric, the student was not enrolled in the class on the assignment's due date or multiple classes are being displayed and the assignment did not apply to this student.
  7. Select Update Scores.
  8. To override existing scores, check Override Existing Scores; leave this unchecked to only update blank scores.
  9. Enter the score to load.
    A score can be up to a three-digit number or an alpha score that your district has defined. You can double-click the scores entry box to view valid alpha marks. Alpha marks can be used to exclude an assignment from a student's average or to give the student a percentage score.
  10. Click Apply.
  11. If you checked Override Existing Scores, click Yes on confirmation prompt.
  12. When finished:
    • If you've enabled Auto Saving you're done. For more information about Auto Saving, refer to the Settings topic in the online help system.
    • Otherwise, click Save.

Note: A black triangle

 in the top-left corner of the score field indicates that the score is not yet saved. You must click
 to enter scores in the database if Auto Saving is not enabled. A red triangle
in the top-left corner of a score cell indicates that the current entry is an invalid mark; all invalid marks must be resolved before the gradebook will save scores.

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