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Delete Gradebook Assignments

Use this procedure to delete gradebook assignments. You may delete assignments either from the Assignment Details drawer of the Gradebook page or from the Assignments tab of the Gradebook Setup page.

Note: You cannot delete an assignment that has scores entered. To delete an assignment with any scores entered, the scores must first be cleared. Refer to Mass Clearing Gradebook Assignment Scores.

Delete an assignment from the Gradebook Entry page (Assignment Details drawer)

  1. From Gradebook, click Entry to display the Gradebook Entry page.

  2. If you are in SBGB Summary Mode, click

     for GB Entry mode or
     for SBGB Detail mode on the mode selector

  3. If you need to update the class or marking period, click Change, and make your selections.

  4. Click the assignment header of the desired assignment to open the Assignment Details drawer.

  5. Click Delete at the bottom of the drawer. This will launch the Delete Assignment confirmation pop-up.
    Note: If this assignment has scores entered, you will not be permitted to delete the assignment, and the Scores Present warning dialog box will appear in place of the Delete Assignment confirmation.

  6. Click Yes in the Delete Assignment confirmation box to finalize the deletion.

Delete an assignment from the Gradebook Setup page

  1. From Gradebook, click Setup to display the Gradebook Setup page.
  2. If you need to update the class or marking period, click Change, and make your selections.
  3. Click the Assignments tab to open the Assignments grid.
  4. On the row of the assignment you wish to delete, click the Delete
    icon in the Actions column. This icon does not display if scores are entered for the assignment.
  5. Click Delete in the Delete confirmation box.
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