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Attachments Tab Field Descriptions

Use this tab to add links and upload attachments that you want to store for the class. It does not display if a competency group is selected. It lists links you have added and the files that you have uploaded to display in Home Access Center (HAC). A guardian or student can click on a hyperlink for your course on the HAC Classwork page to view links and attached files for your class. You can add links or attach a file so that they can easily access course syllabus information or other files that you want to share. We recommend that you use file types that you know will be supported on most home computers.

Note: Your district policies for access to information for students and guardians determine whether Home Access Center displays the Classwork page for students.  Additionally, your district may choose not to display attachments for classes or assignments.  If you do not know if your building displays attachment information, please contact your building administrator before uploading attachments.

Add or Delete an Attachment for a Class


Select the attachment type:

File – to attach a file.

Link – to attach a link.

Attachment Name/Link URL

If you select the File attachment type, the first row in the Attachment Name column displays the Choose File button to let you select a file to attach. After selecting a file to attach, add details about that file in the Description column. When the file is uploaded by clicking

, the filename of file that you added appears in the Attachment Name column. Repeat the process to attach additional files.

The maximum length supported for a file name is 50 characters.

If you select the Link attachment type, the first row displays a blank field in the Attachment Name column for you to enter the link address. After you enter the details for the link in the Description column, click

. Repeat the process to attach additional links.


Enter description of the attached file or link.

Include in all MPs

Select to include this attachment in all marking periods.

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