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Student Fees Setup Procedures

The following procedures describe setting up the Student Fees system and copying the setups to the next school year. Some steps are optional depending on how your district is implementing the application.

Setting up Student Fees

  1. Set up the security resources (Administration > Security > Users > Security Profile) for the Student Fees System, designating which users may access which options.
  2. Set up the Validation Tables (Administration > General Setup > District > Validation Tables) for the Student Fees System.
  3. For each building using the Fees System, set up the building using the Fees Building Configuration Page (Administration > Fees Setup > Setup > Fees Building Configuration).
  4. Use the Fee Items Page (Administration > Fees Setup > Setup > Fee Items) to define the fees that students are required to pay.
  5. If a building will bill students for textbooks, use the Textbooks Page (Administration > Fees Setup > Setup > Textbooks) to define the textbooks.
  6. If a building will mass bill students based on student information, activities, or courses, use the Fee Group Page (Administration > Fees Setup > Setup > Fee Groups) to define the fees to be billed.

Copying Student Fees setups to the next school year

Most Student Fees setups are defined by school year. To prepare for the next school year, you can copy the validation tables, fee items, textbooks, and fee groups from the current year to the next year.

  1. Select Administration > Utilities > Mass Entry & Update > Copy Setups.
  2. In the Prompts panel, select the building and school year information for the copy.
  3. In the Student Fees section, select the setups to copy.
  4. Click Run.
  5. Use the Administration > Fees options to change setups as needed.
    If the Fee Groups for courses are defined to apply to students in a specific section or sections taught by a specific teacher, then review the fee groups and make changes to correspond to the Master Schedule for the school year. For more information on how Fee Groups can be defined, refer to the Fee Group Page.
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